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Oscar Pistorius To Be Released On Tuesday

It has been announced that Oscar Pistorius is to be released from prison next Tuesday 20th October 2015 after serving one day short of a year.

South African Correctional services have confirmed that Oscar Pistorius will be released under correctional supervision on Tuesday, one day short of serving exactly a year in prison of his five-year sentence.The parole board met yesterday Thursday 15th October to consider his application to be released and remain under correctional supervision until 2019 and be subject to specific conditions, “upon careful consideration of the facts".As you are well aware or unless you awoke from a five-year coma yesterday, Oscar Pistorius was handed a five-year sentence last year after being convicted of culpable homicide/manslaughter of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in the early hours on Valentines Day 2013. A morning many of us will remember as vividly as where they were when the twin towers fell.Reeva Steenkamp’s family attorney Tania Koen says she received confirmation of the release.She is quoted as saying “I received a call from correctional services who informed me Oscar Pistorius’s parole has been approved and that he would be released on 20 October.”She says of the Steenkamps, “They say nothing has changed in their lives, Reeva is still not coming back. Whether Mr Pistorius remains incarcerated or whether he is released, Reeva isn’t coming back so it doesn’t make a difference to them.”It’s understood Pistorius will have to undergo weekly psychiatric treatment and perform community service and be subjected to firearm prohibitions (well no sh!t)Whilst the only person who will ever know the absolute truth of that fateful morning is Oscar himself, I have my opinions on the matter which are aligned with the findings of the court as well as some very interesting information presented by DSTV's Carte Blanche recently (which I will post over the next few days), Facebook will no doubt blaze into Oscarbook over the next few days, and I know you're probably just seething or just plain itching to give your thoughts and have your say on the matter below...well... 3...2...1... and go!

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