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Zuma Must Fall

So This Went Up In Cape Town Today… ZUMA MUST FALL

ZUMA MUST FALL...A massive poster billboard has gone up in Cape Town today with those words written on it which is taking up the entire side of a building.

A very bold and "can't miss it if you tried" poster billboard has been erected in Cape Town with the words, "ZUMA MUST FALL" printed in big bold writing.The poster takes up virtually an entire side of a 7 story block of flats on the corner of Kloof and Buitensingel Streets at the top of Long Street. The strange this is, earlier this morning nobody actually knew who did it (but they know now), when all eyes looked in the direction of the Democratic Alliance (DA), the national spokesperson told News24 that they weren't responsibleBut DA national spokesperson Phumzile van Damme said they were not responsible."It isn’t ours," she said with a chuckle.It is believed that the costs of renting such a large advertising spot is to be in the region of R200 000 a month... so whats that? about £10? 🙂However a killjoy in the form of city spokesperson also told News24 that the advert didn't comply with the Outdoor Advertising and Signage by-law, and also erected in contravention of the National Building Regulations and Standards Act.
"An application for the billboard in question was not received by the city. This matter has therefore been handed over for prosecution"We know who the individual is," Reddy said."This person has done this before and we prosecuted him before. The day before he was supposed to appear in court, he paid the fine."
She said his latest offence was being viewed in a very serious light.It is said that apart for its sheer size,it was not allowed to cover windows which it currently is.But come now Priya, lets not be to hasty in taking it down, I mean, whats the rush, its Friday afternoon, just head to the pub like everyone else, nobody wants to spend their weekend taking it down so lets just leave it til Monday...at least howz that? hahaha 🙂See what the people of Cape Town thought of the whole shebang, courtesy of EWN To whoever is responsible for erecting the poster...well,as they say, a picture speaks a thousand words doesn't it? 🙂BarackThumbsUp Check what Twitter is saying about it:
[source: News24]

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