This Was A Beach In Cape Town This Morning After Guy Fawkes"/>
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This Was A Beach In Cape Town This Morning After Guy Fawkes

This was the state of Blaauwberg Beach in Cape Town this morning after Guy Fawkes on Thursday evening... take a look

Residents of Bloubergstrand in Cape Town are not at all stoked after waking up to their beaches completely littered with rubbish from leftover firework cartridges after Guy Fawkes "celebrations" on Thursday evening... as you can imagine, they are certainly not the only ones that aren't stoked, pictures taken by@Reesiebabygirl posted on Twitter have been doing the rounds with comments that express nothing short of sheer dismal appallment.I'm won't lie, it's pretty f*ckin shocking tbh...

Pic: @Reesiebabygirl (Twitter)

Thankfully there's some hardcore residents who won't sit back and say "well f*ck it, it's not my problem..." so they got stuck in and cleaned it up...nice work guys! virtual high fives all around! I and I'm sure many more will support any petition that is put in place to have fireworks banned from Blouberg next year.

Pic: @Reesiebabygirl (Twitter)

Did you know that Ballito near Durban is a Firework Free Zone... ja, believe it or not, you may not set off any fireworks in Ballito, nee, jy kannie dit doen nie... so it is possible to have an outright ban in your area... which is great for everybody really, people, animals etc etc.Don't get me wrong, nobody wants to be a kill joy...fireworks do have their place for very rare occasions such as this, however there should be much more control on them since it's turned into a flipping free for all. ie. not available for purchase by the public. (yes there will naturally be a black market for them, however it will be a fraction of what goes on now if it carries decent fines for having them in your possession....even possession of freshly discharged cartridges in your immediate vicinity...Municipalities should set up a centralised fireworks display for people to still enjoy them so it keeps the kids happy, but by having them in one place it becomes much better organised, managed and controlled, with little to no harm done to people, kids, pets and of course as we see here, the environment .Clearly it needs to be a controlled item because it's clearly out of control..... I'm sure it's probably started been already but.... #FireworksMustFall 🙂Personally I'd say this needs to be extended internationally.... simply speaking, fireworks have about as much use in society today as a circus... 

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