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UK Man Killed During Fight After Rugby Game At Kings Park, Durban

Durban Police are investigating the death of a UK citizen who was killed during a fight after the Sharks vs Rebels Super Rugby game at Kings Park on Saturday night...

KingsParkWe're bound to hear a lot about this in the UK media very shortly since a British Rugby fan has been violently killed in South Africa...Although full details are still yet unknown, this is what has been gathered so far...On Saturday night after the Sharks beat the Rebels 64-7 in a Super Rugby clash, a fight broke out between supporters on the fields surrounding Kings Park Stadium, believed to be at Rovers, famous for post game parties and atmosphere...The cause is unknown, however an argument broke out between individuals and a full blown fight ensued which resulted an a 28 year old British man being killed.Not sure how true it is, but I've read comments of bricks being used and comments of it being very booze fuelled, so it sounds pretty hecticNo arrests have yet been made however it is believed that there were many people around as security and ER24 personal tried with great effort to stop the out of control fight however the victim died of his injuries.Not kiff news at all to come out of what is normally a great vibe during the post match atmosphere, right now you can only wonder what the hell went on!?!I'm sure a lot more will follow on this story and I'll update as it unfolds... I reckon the UK press are gonna have an absolute field day with this considering recent violent crimes that have made international news...Quite concerning and deeply disturbing for many reasons given the place is usually crawling with families having braai's and kids kicking balls around.The Sharks (Pty) Ltd have issued the following statement on their website 
With reference to a fatal assault that took place at KINGS PARK on Saturday, 23 March 2013, The Sharks (Pty) Ltd would like to state the following.The Sharks CEO, Brian van Zyl says, “The Sharks are sad to advise that following The Sharks vs Rebels match, a fight occurred on the outerfields at approximately 22h00, which resulted in the death of one of our spectators. We have conducted our own internal investigation and are satisfied that our contracted service providers, Fidelity Security and ER24, had done everything possible to assist in stopping the fight on the night.“We pride ourselves on providing a world-class display in a safe and secure environment. The safety of our patrons is of paramount importance. This is a senseless isolated incident and the stadium will ensure that we do everything possible to avoid incidents like this occurring in the future”.This matter is currently being investigated by the South African Police Services (SAPS). The Sharks will assist SAPS wherever possible in carrying out their investigation. The SAPS are also receiving assistance from both our service providers, who were on the scene and assisted in stopping the fight, prior to the arrival of the SAPS.Issued by: The Sharks (Pty) Ltd
What have you heard so far?[source: IOL]

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