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Miranda Kerr Cotton

Miranda Kerr Models Victoria’s Secret Cotton Lingerie… EISH!

Okay, so I know its been a while since we've had a bit of "hotness" on PharSide, and whilst browsing around this evening I was reminded of this fact in a big way… purely by what I'm about to show you.. Girls keep yourselves busy taking note of the fabric and exquisite designs… boys, follow me…

Now this isn't the first time the luscious has graced the pages of PharSide, as you might remember the well known 2010 Pirelli Calendar Shoot… but I guess when you can have the best, everything else just seems pretty feeble and average.

Victoria's Secret does only recruit the hottest of the hot, point made with our very own homegrown siren, Candice Swanepoel.
So when it comes to showing off one of their collections, I have no problem with that whatsoever 🙂

Boys, I present to you, Miranda Kerr showing off her new Victoria's Secret Lingerie Collection for us… so nice of her 🙂

Enjoy… oh and by the way… you might need a tissue 🙂

Now lets check out the video… (warning: this may push you over the edge)

I guess this would be a shit time to tell you that, that gorgeous little creation up there… is now a WIFE! Yip… there are no more worthy challenges for any man in this world anymore… it is done…game OVER!.. Orlando Bloom is a bit of a party pooper! but certainly one lucky little fucker!

I'll play you out with this fitting track while the credits roll as you make your way back from your happy place, where you played a key role in those pics and video…

Have a great weekend!… get laid! 🙂