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So Who’s Gonna Be Crowned Playboy SA’s Playmate Of The Year?

Playboy South Africa are running their Playmate Of The Year contest, to see just which Playmate of the month will be crowned supremo Playmate extraordinaire for 2012!

The claws are out as nine super hot bettys who've graced the centerfold of Playboy every month since the first South Africa issue was published battle it out for top spot, and if you've been watching the action, you'd have noticed that the competition is a best described as unbelievably fierce! 

Now to give you a little bit of history behind the whole thing, here's a quote from Playboy South Africa's website...

The Playmate of the Year vote is more than just a hot highlight on the PLAYBOY calendar, it’s a 50-year tradition that’s as unique to PLAYBOY as pool parties at the Mansion or Hef’s smoking jacket. Although PLAYBOY has been measuring the popularity of every Playmate of the Month since Margie Harrison was named Miss January 1954, it wasn’t until 1960 that the first official Playmate of the Year title was given to Miss December 1959, Ellen Stratton. Earning the Playmate of the Year title is a pretty tall ask, though, and doesn’t only depend on a centrefold’s beauty or popularity. As an ambassador for PLAYBOY, her ability to market herself and the PLAYBOY brand is equally important. But besides all the official stuff, the Playmate of the Year vote is a great reason for us to see all the 2011 centerfold together and is your opportunity to help PLAYBOY pick this year’s number one Playmate.

Now unlike most people, I have actually spent some time with a couple of the playmates in the running for this year's Playmate Of The Year, ja I'm kind of a big deal like that I know 🙂 I had dinner with July Playmate Yolandi Malherbe on the Tuesday and drinks with September Playmate Jade Fairbrother on the Wednesday following my infiltration of the 2OceansVibe compound splinter cell style the night before my meeting with Seth and Silverstreak the following day... well actually I just got buzzed in, but it sounded cool anyway 🙂 So when it comes to who you should pick, I'm sure you can trust my better judgment on the matter. In my opinion, I was quite fortunate since the two Playmates I got to spend some time with, just happen to be the two hottest playmates, yes, double whammy score!

So who do I think you should vote for Playmate Of The Year? Well that is none other than Miss September Playmate 2011... Jade Fairbrother... and that's not just because I schmaak blondes and she just happens to be playmate for my birthday month, those are just bonuses in my eyes, but Jade is a frickin belter, very down to earth, very outgoing, seems always up for a jol and unbelievably fun to be around, kinda like the girl who all the girls get jealous of because she gets along with all the okes,... and best of all, she's not afraid to get her tits out, which goes without saying really 🙂 all in all she's an absolute cracker of a doll and she without a doubt definitely goes down as my first choice for Playmate of the year... with Yolandi trailing not far behind, so vote for her too since you can vote multiple times 🙂

So click here to check out the rest of the Playmates profiles in the running for Playmate Of The Year 2012 and while you're there cast your vote... but remember... VOTE TEAM JADE!!! 🙂

I'll also tell you a little secret, once you've registered to vote, you'll notice on the thank you page you've not only been entered into a competition, but.... you've also been given a free 3 month online subscription to Playboy SA...  now howz that for a nice thank you 🙂

Mates in SA, to vote for Jade, just sms 6 to 38570 now!


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