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Twilight Saga… For Guys

is now showing at cinema's around the country, and guys, if your girlfriend hasn't dragged your sorry ass off to watch it with threats of no action if you don't… then believe me… it's coming 

Now to tell you the honest truth, there's never really been a time that I really refuse point blank to watch a movie since I like to make my own judgements, however there also wasn't a time that I actually fell asleep during a movie due to 100% not from concentrate boredom… until the first Twilight movie was released. I'd heard it was pretty good when it came out, so The Jen and I watched it one night… I'm not really sure what unfolded in the end because a subsequently passed out at some point from boredom.

Alas the next movie came out and a few friends arranged a viewing at a local cinema… The Jen went with them alone that night, purely cause of the fact that I wasn't going to spend my hard earned cash and 2 hours of my life on something so ridiculous.

A few months later I was stuck in a seat for a number of hours flying back from SA and was running out of movie options on the long flight via Dubai, so I decided to give it a chance since I pretty much had nothing better to do… the movie started and about 20mins in, I switched over to a movie I'd already seen thinking, what a load of shit.

And then just recently, what do you know, they released another one… again… and they tried to get me to go watch it… again… and to much of The Jen's displeasure, she watched it, without me… again 🙂

Now there is just one version of Twilight I'd definitely pay good money to go and see…

Which is this version… 🙂

Enjoy 🙂

Now that's what I'm talking about!!! 🙂

Girls… give your boyfriend's a night off… grab your girls and head down to the luxurious HMVCurzon in Wimbledon for a showing.