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Movember 2010 is here!!!

Movember 2010 has kicked into full swing with just into day 2 there are a number of shady top lips about!

The month formerly known as November means a few things for me...

1. I get to look just like my Ballie for a few weeks
2. No kisses from The Jen for 30 days 🙁
3. I cultivate a large number of natural bristles on my top lip

But there is a point to all this, would you believe it... It's for a good cause

So, if you've been locked away in a little cardboard box for the last few years with nothing but a few breathing holes then let me fill you in...

Movember is the month formerly known as November, where men all over the world get to resemble pimping 70's PornStars which wouldn't normally be socially acceptable at any other time of the year, unless you're a Ballie ofcourse. The reason for this, well in a nutshell it is to raise awareness for testicular cancer and also to raise funds for cancer research. You may remember last month was breast cancer awareness for the ladies where the background of PharSide was pink for the entire month of October, well its the same kind of thing, so before you start pointing and laughing at some young dude on the train that is sporting an exquisite set of handle bars, you now know there is method to his seemingly insanity.

There are a number of ways you can get involved, even the chicks can get involved too, however girls, please note, there is NEVER a time where a moustache on a female is acceptable, even when you're 80! fake ones are funny, real ones are just plain gross, end of story. You can get involved by becoming a Mo-Sista or a Mo-Bro, join a Team or fly solo, get donations or just grow one for shits and giggles... and trust me, there will definately be giggles. There are many styles you can choose from, check it out... the choice is all yours.

Check out http://www.movember.com and if you are keen to join the best Movember Team this year, I'd personally recommend MOHAMMERED as your team of choice... why, because myself and all the cool ou's are members 🙂

So if you haven't started yet, then best you do, its still early days so you can still get involved... do it! do it!

For everyone else... Fondle this DONATE link 🙂

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