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Movember Comes To A Smooth End

It's been a 30 long days, but the time has come to finally remove the mo... Good Bye Movember 2010!

Movember 2010 has officially come to an end and men everywhere can finally resemble human beings on this side of the millenium once again... I for one, don't have to look like THAT to the left anymore... YAY! 🙂 Girls that actually did kiss dudes will be rejoicing for the irradication of the "Tash Rash" that's been plaguing their upper lips lately, not to mention I know a lot of dudes are finally gonna get some action which has probably been rather scarce in the last 30 days, time to get some warm lovin! ...which is not a bad thing since the temperature in London has decided to drop below 0. 

Well done to all the guys who pulled on through and outlasted the quitters, I must admit though, for some reason this Movember has been rather the tough in the constant irritation department, but lets not forget why we are doing this, so give yourselves a pat on the back.



335 days to go until it starts all over again boys... and girls, NO you CANNOT do Fanuary, it's just gross! haha 🙂


Although.... thats not the only bit of hair I'm going to lose this week...  🙂

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