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C'mon girls, you know you love it! :)

Oh Yeah! Movember means Mo Time!

Well its that time of year again when The Jen and countless other girlfriends such as herself, roll their eyes back and exhale in utter disgust with quite an audible moan. Where they make uncalled for threats in desperation to sway your decision making process by threatening no lovin and no accompanied public appearances until unleashing the bad boy of all the big guns of female threats... not to keep themselves well kept in retaliation to us okes not keeping our top lips smooth.... yup! you guessed it.... MOVEMBER is just breaking over the horizon like the sun at the dawn of man!Just incase you've been living under a rock in the middle of the Karoo for the last few years, I'll give you the run down...Movember is the month formerly known as November. In the name of all that is good and the true test of manhood, many men around the globe enter their bathroom on the eve of 1st November in slow motion and seriousness on their faces. With razor in hand they peer into the mirror and shave that top lip one last time... and pretty much say good bye to sex for the next 30 days... just kidding, the birds eventually get used to it, but be warned they will curse you all day, everyday because of the stubble rash 🙂 So basically you prune and cultivate your bad boy mo over the next 30 days in support of Men's health... and no, I don't mean the magazine... I mean a charity, such as the Prostate Cancer Charity.
Movember 2009 is coming!

Movember 2009 is coming!

While you are growing your mo over the 30 days, you may request from friends, work colleagues and even your doll to sponsor you by making a donation on the official Movember website under your registered name where all proceeds are donated to the Prostate Cancer Charity.Its pretty much that simple, you can go solo or your can create/join a team. There are prizes at the end of the month such as Best Mo and individuals/teams that made the most money, this is presented at a main gala parte on the 27th in Battersea, London where all Mo bro's can show off their Mo's and have one big phat jol! If you don't want to or can't attend the main event at the end of the month, trust me, there will no doubt be a Movember Party in very close proximity. For instance Wimbledon Walkabout are hosting their usual Movember Ball (date TBA) which has always been awesome evening of debauchery. You'll never see so many okes with moustaches in one room EVER... well for another year at least... its hilarious because you get to see how creative some okes can be, especially when it comes to handle bars.
C'mon girls, you know you love it! :)

C'mon girls! You know you love it! 🙂

So guys, show you are a man and support the cause! and have a frickin wicked time doing it 🙂This will be my 3rd year running and not entirely decided on which style to go for this year, as last year I went for the full bush, quite similar to Mr. Selleck's above, I may do a Chaplin this year for kicks 🙂You can join the PharSide Movember Team here, just follow the steps and you'll be provided with all the info 🙂This is what I looked like after about 2 weeks last year 🙂
about 2 weeks into Movember 2008

About 2 Weeks into Movember 2008

Good Luck Guys, I'll be doing a weekly update during the time so keep a look out for it!

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