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Petition For More Voting Stations Globally in SA Elections 2014

There is a petition that you need to sign right now to get the IEC to add more voting stations in more cities around the world for the South African Elections 2014...

Firstly if you have not yet registered to vote in the SA Elections 2014, quickly check out this link to see if you are registered here... if you are not then you just need to register,so you'll need to pop down to your nearest SA Embassy to register if you are able to. You will just need you Barcoded SA ID Book and your passport. The entire process literally took me 12 mins as I show you in this video right here... so people in London, you could even do this during lunch time, its that quick and easy. You only have two more days as overseas registrations close on the 7th February, so get your A into G 🙂Now there's been a lot of upheaval about people having to travel excessive distances to vote when the election day comes around, so a petition to the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) and the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) to set up more voting stations to provide people with easier access to cast their vote on elections day... wouldn't it be far easier for people in Perth to vote in Perth, or people in Florida to vote in Ft. Lauderdale for example... or people that live in Northern England to vote in Northern England without having to mission down to London.... the same would be said for South Africans based in Scotland and Ireland.Please share this article to all your friends in far off places to give them a chance to sign the petition to give them better access to voting... there's not a lot of time to do it, so do it and do it now quickly... and don't forget to sign the petition yourself!Click here to sign the petition now!GO! GO! GO!Share this post right now simply click these Facebook and Twitter buttons to blast it off:

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