PharSide LIVE just went LIVE!

PharSide LIVE kicked off to a wicked start this evening after weeks of testing and getting everything set up...

After a few weeks of getting this project off the ground with messing around with mixers, computer components, configurations along with a bit of sometimes debaucherous testing, PharSide LIVE launched at 6pm UK time this evening. Myself, Danger Boy and The Boschman pulled off a successful first weekly show that turned out to be 2hrs 30mins of general bullshit chit chat and some wickedly awesome tracks. The playlist this evening was unbelievably dominated by South African bands and fully loaded by songs by Plush!

For the time being PharSide LIVE will be a weekly show which can be listened to live each Sunday afternoon from around 5pm to help you get over your post weekend party blues, I'll be uploading a podcast of the entire show as an MP3 after the show, so that you can download and put it on your iPod to spice up your morning or evening commute from work with a bit of Saffaness. It's not remotely aimed at being commercial or even professional for that matter, which gives it its character in the sense that, anything goes.

Incase you missed tonights show, you can download the podcast here (left click to stream, right click 'Save As' to download) 

Check out the playlist for this weeks show

Fort Knox - GoldFish
Memories (Feat. Kid Cudi) - David Guetta
Halo - Plush
Africa - Toto
Great Heart - Johnny Clegg
Selling the Drama - Live
Come With Me - Joe Robbins
When Grace Grew Tall - Plush
Dirty Little Secret - All American Rejects
Starstrukk (Feat. Katy Perry) - 3OH3!
Giant Mistake - The Parlotones
Shallow Waters - Just Jinjer
Wishing Well - Plush
Cooler As Ekke - Jack Parow
Is It Any Wonder - Keane
Best of You - Foo Fighters
Run - What Now
Today - Plush
Sun in my pocket - Locnville
Sweetness - Jimmy Eat World
Hot Hot Baby - Parys Potgieter
New Divide - Linkin Park
Freestyler - Bomfunk MC's
Day 'n Nite- Kid Cudi
Soundtracks and Comebacks - GoldFish

Big Thanks to everyone that had a listen to tonights installment, this is a whole learning process as we go along, so I guess the theory applies, it only gets better from here! WOOT! WOOT! 🙂 The response from tonights show has been absolutely amazing! 🙂

Check out PharSide during the week for updates on next weeks show, new ideas are already flying around the place so expect next weeks show to be even bigger and better!

Check out the PharSide LIVE streaming page for more info and show times!

Till next Sunday! Have a jol of a week!

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