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Nice Try :)
Nice Try :)

Cheeky White Hart gets Owned!

So it turns out that a Wimbledon bar known as The White Hart down on the Kingston Rd / Hartfield Rd junction thought it would “cash in” on the saffa population in the area without quite thinking it through correctly…

The Phreak sent me this newspaper clipping she cut out of one of the SA Newspapers here in London which struck up a bit of confusion…

Nice Try :)

Nice Try :)

The confusion rose where that same day our good friends over at VDP Group namely our main man, Guy Van Der Post, who is behind many well known clubs all over South Africa, one being Joe Cool’s itself, sent out a message to the members of the Clapham Grand Facebook group advising that he would be opening a Joe Cool’s here in London at the venue previously known as Zulu’s in Fulham. I contacted Guy and expressed my concern. As it turns out, Guy was already well aware of The White Hart’s intentions and had subsequently had his lawyers put the The White Hart’s management up against a wall. In the end The White Hart backed down and accepted defeat on the matter, but not before sending out a city-wide advert in a prominent SA Newspaper advertising their “Grand Opening”.

Bit cheeky of them to give it a go and turn out red faced, but whats even more cheeky is they actually stole the logo for their ad straight off the Joe Cool’s website…EISH! check here

All I can say is, White Hart……that was a FAIL! :)

(more info to come on the real Joe’s opening in Fulham in November so keep an eye out)

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