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Dwayno and Julz do the 10k Sport Relief…. HANGING!

They say us Saffa's like to believe we're invincible (especially after a few Klippies) so we put it to the test... we rounded up two guinea pigs, and who better to use than my good friends, Dwayno and Julz... it was quite simple really, I didn't need to go out and buy a shitload of booze, then tie them to a chair and make them drink... no, I knew if I'd just let them run free they'd do just that...

On Saturday night Dwayno and Julz were out doing what they do best... getting nicely shoe polished at our bar of choice, namely Bar Sia. I joined them at a good hour around 1am after attending a birthday party at the Roadhouse in Covent Garden (awesome jol btw) and by the time Bar Sia closed we were all pretty much in all sense of the word... fucked! We hobbled down to the Passion Palace where I introduced our contestants to my little furry friend Tinka The Terrorist... now just to give you an idea of the state we were in... it would appear that Dwayno suffers from a slight case of narcolepsy... ever seen a man fall from an upright standing position face first, face planting the carpet?... well yeah, we have now 🙂 Eventually we noticed it was getting a little light outside and decided it was time to catch a few zzz's... so on they went to their humble abode walking in the door around 6am... and this is where the fun starts....

7:30am - Tring! tring! alarm goes off and our contestants rise and shine... after just over an hours sleep (still feeling rather trashed) they drag their sorry asses to central London to the start point of 10km/6mile run for Sport Relief... thats right ten frickin K's... it may not seem like much for a few of you but in my world, that's like running from Durban to Cape Town (I've got short legs you know). And so, all kitted out in their proper running attire the race commenced at 10:25am and off they went...

Now I could quite understand if these two came stone last or bailed out 10 meters from the start, because these two were BROKEN the night before, trust me, I was there! I could barely make it down the stairs to the front door that morning, virtually collapsing at the door of the off license to get another packet of cigarettes... but no! these mutant super humans from another frickin planet, finished the 10km race in 56mins flat! .... yes! 56mins!... no chunda, no bambi, no stretcher... three simple words spring to mind... here's the abbreviation... WTF!

I won't lie, I was driving when I took the call to say they had completed the race and quite honestly, I almost crashed the Black Mamba because just the thought of it put me into a state of shock.

I think this proves the fact that us Saffa's are quite honestly invincible hardcore motherfuckers to say the very least 🙂

Well done to Dwayno and Julz for being such good guinea urr sports, and I would just like to inform them that they are now the current front runners for the PharSide "I'm Fuckin Bulletproof" Award!

Well done boyz! You did us proud!

Hey Dwayne!....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz hahahhaha 🙂

Check out the pics below... ironically, Dwayno had his sunnies on just incase the sun hurt his eyes... I think that must have been the least of his problems!

P.S. They didn't stop there... they proceeded on to the Walkabout for an afternoon of booze and football which carried on till 10pm... have a good day at work yesterday boys?

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