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Follow-up to yesterdays FaceBook exploitation rant :)

Wimbledon club comes clean on their promotion issues

If you aren’t up to speed with yesterdays rant please read this post before reading this story because if you don’t you’ll be left rather confused. It’ll be like watching the last two movies of Lord of the Rings without watching the first to know what on earth or middle earth should I say is going on...As some of you may have noticed, yesterday I had a bit of a rant about a certain business harassing people on FaceBook spamming friend requests and hijacking peoples friends lists including my own in order to increase their popularity in the area. You may have noticed later on in the day that the management of the club in Wimbledon released a sincere public apology for what had been going on. This was the apology...
Managment says:
Good afternoon all, Firstly I would like to apologise profusely to all who feel that their facebook accounts have been abused or ‘hacked’. Although I don’t wish to pass the buck, or shift blame I would like to inform you all that we made the HUGE error of out sourcing our promotion and FBook accounts. This will not happen again. This gross misconduct has only been brought to our attention in the last week. As far as sending out events are concerned, I apologise for any over use of this too and on the one occasion that I can think of where a few mails where sent out for the same event, this was, unfortunately my fault for not knowing exactly how to do this in one go, and thought I was sending a few at a time. Once again, our sincerest apologies, and rest assures the person employed to do our promotions and profiles is no longer. If anyone would like to respond with any further issues please feel free to email us [email protected]
Now I’ve got to say this and like I said yesterday, that took some balls, I must say I quite respect that. For them to come straight out into the open from under the hale of gunfire to stand up in front of a large portion of their potential clientele and say, you know what? We did cock up and we cocked up badly, we are sorry and this is what we have done to correct this massive cock up, is something that needs to be appreciated. When I saw that come up yesterday I thought, there we go, that is exactly what everyone who has been hassled needed to hear and a degree of respect is due for that. They could have launched an endless chain of ridiculous excuses blaming this and that or not apologising at all but I think its fair to say what they said was right and the apology is accepted in my books. Mistakes have been realised and justice has been served and the problem eradicated.Although other promoters must not think that they are in the clear, as part of this rant was also directed at promoters with what I mentioned yesterday, spamming people with loads of messages for the same event. I hope this has given you a bit of an insight to the negative effect that you are having on yourselves, because at the end of the day the more you hassle people with the same thing, the more they aren’t gonna wanna listen to your shit in the future... simples 🙂  so keep it tidy and you’ll find people will respect that and actually take note of what you have to offer next time without heading straight for the ‘Delete’ or ‘Mark as Read’ function before opening as I tend to have to do on a daily basis. The successful ones are the ones that do things right and I hope Gareth doesn’t mind me using his crew as an example, but DirtyDubbin tend to do things properly (“But I receive loads of stuff from them Marky Mark” I hear you say) the truth of the matter is that they have quite a shitload going on so its quite obvious that you will, but what you will notice is that you may get an event invitation for an event but then get a reminder closer to the time for that event which is still within reason... not 10! So for existing promoters and up and coming promoters this should give you an idea as to how people feel about being harassed all the time on FaceBook, people are getting really tired of it. So do it properly, do it smartly and don’t be shneaky shneaky about anything because as much as the amazing promo gurus that you may think you are, people are not stupid.So guys, problem solved, hope everyone is happy now. I just want to say a big thanks to the club for taking the criticism so well and I’m sure some of the gunfire yesterday has sparked off a few ideas where things can be improved, which is good in a way because most clubs never get to hear it themselves, yet everyone else does.Might even pop a few of your weekend specials in tonights "Whats Going Down in London Town" post for being good okes about it, so email me details

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