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Is your FaceBook friends list safe from exploitation?

Local companies want to cash in on your FaceBook friend lists... Every Saffa in Wimbledon in particular should read this...

facebook_logoIncase you're not all there or completely oblivious to what goes on around you,  you may have noticed that FaceBook has fast become an absolute marketing goldmine for companies around the world.Companies are moving away from buying large lists of out of date email addresses to spam the world trying to get people to buy their products and services and they have moved full force into social networking. Now this is pretty much a global overview and you wonder just how local it can be to you, well its already going on around you whether you know its happening or not. However there are certain people who blatantly abuse this priviledge and don’t use it responsibly without quite thinking of the consequences that may be waiting for them and quite unbelievably can’t see it until its smacking them right in the face. Now what they don’t realise is that abusing the social networking scene can ruin you faster than you tried to abuse it. FaceBook for one is quite a dangerous tool that needs to be treated with respect and used responsibly, because it can either make you and it can very surely break you, you can quite easily become a social outcast quicker than you can blink because remember, just about everyone that you have some sort of relationship with in the real world is reading your every move like an up close and in your face book... excuse the pun 🙂So why am I speaking about this? Well I have a pure example, there is a certain club here in Wimbledon that seems to be abusing the benefits of Facebook and really and truly seems like they are doing this blindly with no plan; no thought process and no idea what is going on in the background, in the sense of what the people who they feed off in the area are discussing both online and offline, because for alot of people I've spoken to, it is seriously pissing them off. I won’t name the place, purely for the fact that hopefully they may read this and realise exactly who they are (which shouldn’t be too difficult) and for most of the people who have been harrassed with multitudes of friend requests already will know exactly who I’m speaking about. This at least gives them a bit of leeway to cut back; rethink their strategy on it and salvage their increasingly tarnished name amongst the local social scene.  Now I wouldn’t cause such a fuss about a club sending a friend request and if you wish, accepting it or ignoring it knowing that from past experience, depending on how aggresive they are with their advertising, there is a possibilty that your inbox in just a few days, will be filled with nothing but promo after promo, just from the one club. Now I do believe there is a fine line between advertising your jol and being a damn right nuisance causing the reader to scurry for the ‘Leave Group’ or  ‘Delete Friend’ links and there are very few promoters that stay within reason but it is true that some do and those are the successful ones, why? Because they didn’t drive you mad with loads of spam, meaning 20 messages for the same flipping event, party or drinks special.  The problem comes in when after you’ve ignored the friend request, literally minutes or if you are lucky, hours later you get another damn friend request from the same frickin place, so you ignore it and the same thing happens again. You then block it but then a few days later you get the same blerrie friend request again.  Eventually you realise that the way you got this one is because they have now signed up for another profile for who knows what reason, probably cause the previous one got deleted by FaceBook because of people reporting the spamming of friend requests. After checking my FaceBook blocked list, I now have 3 profiles blocked after getting spammed and all three are from the same club in Wimbledon. Now this is where it gets interesting.... as if getting loads of requests wasn’t enough, for those of us who have a large number of friends on our friends list this becomes quite a target for these types as in my case, I had my mates at work (in Canary Wharf) asking me why the hell they are getting loads of friend requests from a club in Wimbledon when they live no where near Wimbledon... I soon realised that they had gone through my entire friends list and added everyone I know because they didn’t need to be my friend to see the list in the first place. This behaviour really hacked me off and I’d be in my right mind to name and shame them but I won’t for now, well at least until I get one more frickin friend request from them and then its going up in black and white, but I have now blocked off my friends list from non-friends because quite honestly my friends are not there to be exploited and even if  money was offered, I’m certainly not gonna sell out my mates or even my own mother since she’s on FaceBook too (hey! anyone who FaceBooks my mom will get dealt hahaha ) But seriously, do we need to start protecting our friends lists in the future to protect our own integrity and to not feel embarrased when our friends are being harrassed by people who have no idea what they are doing and where we are the only probable link between the two? There are alot more subtle and affective ways to marketing or advertising on FaceBook without stepping on people's toes, it really doesn't need to be blatantly abused 🙂I’d seriously like to see a few comments about this... so get cracking, I've had my rant so start commenting below and get your point across.

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