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It’s PharSide’s 2nd Birthday Bash!!!

If you had any plans for next Saturday night, the 24th September... best you cancel them, because we are going to jol! Why? because it's PharSide's frickin 2nd Birthday, that's why!

On the 17th September, it will be exactly two years since the very first post was published on PharSide.co.uk, at that moment, I had very little idea of what I'd unleashed upon the world. Who would have thought that within the first 12 months I'd go ahead to win Best Overseas South African Blog at the SA Blog Awards 2010 accompanied by a small promise to endure a Full Body Wax, which you can view the video evidence right here, to spreading the PharSide brand around so much that it has become synonymous with being South African in London. 

Two years later, a few hundred posts later, here we are, heading into year three still riding this awesome wave, and that's all thanks to you guys, the readers, because if it wasn't for you, I probably wouldn't be typing this right now.

Now because of that, I think we should have a little jol... what you reckon? you I reckon too 🙂

So, next Saturday, 24th September, every single one of you awesome readers, are all invited down to The Slug in Wimbledon for a massive bash, hosted by myself and of course The Slug.

And just because I love you all so much, I managed to secure a massive drink special that will rival any month end bank balance... yes... £1.75 drinks from 8pm! EISH! cheap night!

All you need to do is download and print your flyer from the PharSide.co.uk Facebook Page (click PharSide Birthday Bash in the menu under the profile pic) and present it on the night in order to get your stamp for the special, then every time you order a drink just show your stamp before you order.

Now would you believe it? I'll be celebrating my own birthday that night so it's gonna be a double whammy!

There's a batch of exclusive PharSide Trucker Caps on order that will be given away throughout the night, so best you try get your paws on one cause they're pretty damn hot!

So... Next Saturday, 24th September, 8pm, The Slug in Wimbledon, be there cause we're gonna get messy!

Confirm your attendance on the Facebook Event  to be kept up to date.

Above all, Don't forget your frickin flyer!

Check you all there!!!

The Slug, Wimbledon
17 Hartfield Road
London, SW19 3TA

Please note... in the unlikely event...

PharSide and The Slug reserve the right to change or cancel the drink special at anytime without notice, PharSide and The Slug reserve the right to prevent anyone from participating in the drink special for any reason. The drink special flyer is only available to members of the PharSide.co.uk Facebook Page. To become a member, just 'like' the PharSide.co.uk facebook page. PharSide and The Slug reserve the right to request from anyone at any time to prove that they are a member of the PharSide.co.uk Facebook Page, if this cannot be proved, you will be removed and banned from the venue. This can very easily and will randomly be checked upon entry.

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