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Jeremy Loops Is Pulling In To London!

Widely acclaimed South African Loop Pedal Artist, Jeremy Loops, is pulling into London  to grace us with his presence, and his tunes for a one night only gig at The Borderline in the West End this Friday...Borderline_Twitter

Let me tell you about this phenomaly known to all as Jeremy Loops, I first caught glimpse of Jeremy Loops on a video that a mate posted on Facebook. I won't lie, I was pretty blown away by the talent this oke possesses. Quite simply,he's a loop pedal artist, which means he records a series of sounds via his guitar or microphone into his little pedal box of tricks thingy majig which become loops that he controls throughout each sound... and best of all, he does this all live!Definitely something you have to see and experience... the guy is a world of raw lean cut talent with a distinct Saffa vibe..So he got in touch and spilt some awesome news... he's playing in London town this Friday night 26th July  at 19h00 shup! down at The Borderline, which is spitting/leeching whichever you prefers distance from Tottenham Court Road Station, so perfect to pop across after work on Friday if you're in the city for some wicked homegrown Saffa tunes.Check out this video of his song called Power to set the mood...prepare for awesomeness topup 🙂Pretty damn schweet hey...and its all done live... you'll be humming that tune in your head...watch 🙂Venue: The Borderline, London Date: 26 July 2013 Time: 19h00 Damage: £10 Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/577553885627979/ Pre-book tickets hereFor my stalkers... I'm not going to be at the gig, I'm going to be at home with a box of tissues watching The Notebook... promise haha  🙂

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