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New Years Eve at Bar Sia

Still deciding what to do for New Years Eve in London? There's a massive jol going on at Marky Mark's bar of choice, Bar Sia are bringing you Glitz & Glamour, hosted by the Fernando Brothers and guests bouncing the club downstairs with Funky House, Electro and Breakbeats.

The night looks like its gonna be a massive one, advanced tickets are on sale at Bar Sia for £10 a pop which is £10 cheaper than most places (£15 on the door on the night) and there's gonna be complimentary champagne for each person, plus with it being Wimbledon, it means most of us wont have to mission around in cabs etc. which is a huge bonus and its going to be open til late.

This is where I'm going to be welcoming in 2010! So come and join me for a biggie and be a part of it! :)

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