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2010 SA Reunion Hidden update

The 2010 SA Reunion in London is in just 10 days!

The biggest jol of the year to date is in just 10 days time and the hype is reaching epic proportions…The 2010 SA Reunion in London Dance Fest is peeking over the horizon and tjooning… "Sappening!"

If you haven't got your mincy paws on tickets yet, now would be a good time to think about that, because The SA Reunion in London Dance Fest is looking to be a sell out… from the 1000 tickets available, I hear there are only 300 left which means, with still 10 days to go and most people's habits of Lastminute.com madness when the most tickets for any event are sold, it doesn't leave much to be sold during the gold rush… so think about… you know you are gonna be one of those that finds out at the last minute that all your mates are going and you'll be scurrying around for tickets that are no longer available… sorry for you… but you should have gone to SpecSavers 🙂 … why am I telling you this, because what better than to party with my peoples… my PharSide peoples 🙂

To help you along, I'm going to be giving more away tickets on the PharSide FB Page this evening (Thursday 12th August) at around 8:30pm… so make sure you've got your click finger ready because you've got to be quick off the mark… 

Check out the promo video for the event!


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