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Marky Birthday

There’s A Bit Of A Big Party Happening In Wimbledon This Weekend…

If you think that little tennis tournament is the biggest event in every year, you’re very mistaken… everybody knows the biggest event of the year in is undoubtably the last weekend in September.. why? c’mon, as if I really need to tell you… well its just so happens to be ’s , ’s and yours truly’s … ja triple whammy, it doesn’t get any better than this… even New Years Eve feels like an average night compared to this… and we’ve added an extra touch of flair to the occasion… with VICE 🙂

It’s official and confirmed…

We will be having the best tasting, sexiest flavoured vodka in at my birthday on Saturday 29 September.

That’s right, Vice Vodka will be there… lots of Vice… helping PharSide, Suburban and myself celebrate another year under the belt.

There’ll be hot girls, cool drinks and a Vice promo with two hot Vice Squad girls from 11 – 1.

AND… (it’s a big AND)… Vice will be £2 a shot all night.

Check it out at:   www.facebook.com/viceunlimited 

and www.facebook.com/suburbanwimbledon

So pull into Wimbledon’s party of the year and (if you’ve Liked the group) you could win a bottle of Vice. (You must Like it in order to enter the competition.)

So come join the party and indulge your Vices.

Bring on the ice luge!!!


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