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There’s a Certain “Cousin” Coming To Town!

Ja serial bru, South Africa's favourite cousin, Barry Hilton is pulling in for his UK leg of his "Serial Comic" World Tour!

After getting some pretty hectically wicked reviews in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand for his Serial Comic World Tour, he's pulling in here for two shows, one at good ol' Clapham Grand in London and another in Bournemouth at the Mariott Bournemouth Highcliff Hotel, which I imagine is a pretty big jol if they've got a sign big enough to spell that whole name out. I know Bournemouth locals, Nix and Dietmar are gonna be stoked about that one.

If you haven't seen or heard of Barry Hilton before, then seriously, take it from me, you are a very deprived individual and the only way you are going to be one of us cool kids, is if you make a plan and get your ass down to one of his UK shows. Barry has been the face of South African comedy for quite a while now, I remember the first time I heard about Barry was when he did his "The Cousin Live and Switched On" DVD which was way back when I was still a Pinetown local before I even thought of coming over to the UK. Since then I think I've attended just about every show of his here in London and lagt my gat off every frickin time. He's done quite a few DVD's now and we've all checked him in his Savanna ads, not to mention a couple TV and movie appearances. Barry tjoons it like it is and reminds us exactly of what its like to be South African keeping you laging the whole way through, at times he doesn't even need to speak... ever seen his fish impersonation? need I say more 🙂 He is definitely South Africa's most heavy weight comedian, not to mention probably the hardest working comedian in the country, smashing around 150 shows a year which is pretty effing nuts. 

So when I heard oom Barry was pulling in to our turf, I tjooned him he has to answer a few questions as a form of paying homage to do a couple shows in the PharSide Playpen... don't worry, it's not half as bad as the kak they ask him at border control 🙂

This is how it went down


Since your last visit to London for Bafunny Bafunny, what have you been up to? Paying the tax man, staying alive in South Africa and changing my laaties' nappies.  Seriously, I've been developing my new show called Serial Comic, filmed a new Savanna TV commerical, developed a motivational talk, toured Australia and New Zealand with sold out shows, filmed and produced a new DVD, filled the 4000 seat Grand West Arena (again) with my solo show, done an auctioneering course, written a screenplay and been gigging flat out.

Apart from South Africans, who would you say relates best to our humour and why? Our humour is universal, everyone relates to my shows and its contents.  When I work in SA the show is aimed at South Africans and when I work abroad, I use content and diction that is universal.

For someone who has attended many of your shows over the years, what can we expect from the upcoming London show? Lots of laughter.  Thanks for being a loyal fan.  My shows aren't scripted but I'm sure there will be lots of material from my tour Down Under and of course reflections and my views on current events in South Africa and in London.

What inspires your humour most?  Life.  I just see things differently to the way other people do and then I explain what I see in my head.

What do you think of the UK's most wanted illegal immigrant, Parys Potgieter's track "Hot Hot Baby" and have you ever been to his home town of Pofadder? Very good.  A short while ago, a friend of mine said to me if I wanted to perform around the world, that I should stop being a South African comedian and just be a comedian.  So, if Parys wants to go further than Pofadder, I suggest he does the same. (And if so, get a work permit, otherwise he'll be home before he knows it)

What's your view on the recent London riots and what would your solution be for the chav pests?  We only see the riots on the TV, so I would be very wrong to pass judgement.  As for the chavs, bru... I'm from Benoni, I drive a Ford.

What are your thoughts on the youth of today?  Pretty much the same as the youth of my day.  We can't understand them and one day they won't understand their kids.  Other than that, I think they need a good old fashioned klap.

Last I heard you had 6 laaitjies... For most people two is enough, how do you still find life funny after bringing up 6 generations of little bliksems?  To be serious, your love spreads with each one, it doesn't diminish.  Each child has a different outlook on life and we all grow together from that point.  But, for the other answer, it would be prozac ... and dagga.

Have you and JZ got a competition going and are we likely to see you running for president any time soon?  When a black man gets married he pays lobolo, but nowdays with electronics, it's just a cash transfer on www.twocows.com.  As for the kids, we both get fan mail from The Pope.

What is your view on the state of comedy in SA?  SA comedy is great.  Look out for the police. There are heaps of talented South AFricans in every field, even yours bru!

Any chance of a Bafunny Bafunny part Deux?  There is, but I'm only doing four of the shows as I'm representing the World Team on the other days.  The show is not going international this year. (ja I'm bleek too don't worry)

 What was your toughest crowd ever and how did it go down?  It was to a group of sailors in a SA submarine.  You do the maths.

I know it may be a tough one but what would you say was your most memorable show and what made it that way?  I'm very fortunate that every time I do a show I love working.  Every now and then, something special happens.  Due to my really cool audience responses in Australia, after my fourth show on the continent, I was invited to perform at the Sydney Comedy Store and I absolutely hammered the audience.  Subsequently, they've invited me back for a season.  Other than that, the second time I filled the 4000 seat Grand West Arena with my solo show, was very special and exhilirating.  It was then that I knew I had to spread my wings and work more overseas.

Ok Barry, thats cool, now pull in and make funny for your money 🙂

Now cause I'm such a nice person, I have two tickets that I will be giving away to one lucky person for his show at Clapham Grand... you want them? Well all you need to do is comment below before 8pm next Wednesday 7th September 2011, with "I want effing Barry Hilton Tickets"
You'll then be put into a draw that will take place that evening at 9pm... simples!

Here's all the need to know stuff for his UK shows, best you get your tickets asap because if history has taught us one thing... Barry Hilton tickets in London go frickin quick!

Thursday 22 September @ THE CLAPHAM GRAND
21-25 St. John's Hill 
Clapham Junction,
SW11 1TT

St. Michael's Road, West Cliff 
BH2 5DU 

Doors open @ 7pm 

Show starts @ 8pm

Tickets £20.00 available on http://www.satickets.co.uk/

Age Restriction: 18+

Also check out the FaceBook Event for up to date info

Kiff! see you there!

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