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There’s A Certain Pair Of Fishies Dropping In… Oh Yes! It’s GoldFish Baby!

GoldFish are dive bombing into London this Saturday... yes this coming Saturday for a show at The Garage... Best you get on the case to secure yourself some tickets!

Our little Fishies will be causing all sorts of euphoria this coming Saturday 22nd October at The Garage in London, but howz this for a schweet bit of action... They are going to be joined by my boi Gareth Rossi, his schweet cherry Little Leigh, and a dazzling hot selection of the Dirty Dubbin crew to cause one hectically awesome night!

I guess there's really not much I really need to tell you about GoldFish, besides the fact that they are the very definition of musical genius and without a doubt South Africa's hottest, hottest, hottest dance duo making big squeaks on the international scene with their unbelievable live instrumentation mixed in with some insanely funky mixes... prepare to be gobsmacked!... if you haven't heard of them, then seriously? WTF! you really need to sort your shit out... really 🙂

Check out this hot Fedde Le Grand Remix of GoldFish - Soundtracks and Comebacks.... Shiiiiiisa!

And here are the full details:

The Garage, London

Tickets: just £10/£15

Available at:




also available at Star Green in Oxford Street


20-22 Highbury Corner, London, N5 1RD

Venue Tel. : 020 7619 6720

Doors open 9pm to 4am... Fishies on @12

Tjoon it!!!

And for those out-of-towners... don't you frickin worry your cotton socks!... GoldFish are touring the UK, hitting Exeter, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Plymouth... so for you clowns that usually can't make the London shows... your prayers have been answered 🙂 Check GoldFish Live for details! 

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