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VICE Party At Suburban! As in VICE Caramel Vodka… in London!

VICE Flavoured Vodka has come to London, yes, that means you can get Caramel Vodka, Bubble Gum Vodka, Banana Fudge Vodka and Choc Mint Vodka at Suburban in Wimbledon this bank holiday Sunday!

This bank holiday Sunday, Suburban Bar in Wimbledon and VICE will be hosting a VICE Party showcasing their range of flavoured Vodka...

Now let me tell you something, when I was in South Africa last November, a phenomenon was literally swooping through just about every bar on every corner in every town... and that was Caramel Vodka, people were literally going nuts for the stuff, of course after I'd tasted it, that was it, I was hooked on its extremely addictive taste! 

Now the brand VICE is flown it across the world so you all can enjoy it too... you will absolutely go crazy over teh stuff, its that frickin amazing!... and I don't even normally drink Vodka, but this stuff really is that frickin amazing. They will also have Bubble Gum flavoured Vodka which funny enough, from what I hear is the new flavour that people in SA are going nuts about. There's also new, wait for it, Banana Fudge and Choc Mint flavours which are just as tantalising! So if you want to give your taste buds a razzle that they've never experienced before, then best you get down to Suburban on Sunday... and if that doesn't get you hard... this definitely will... Vice Flavoured Vodka shots are just £2 all night! 🙂

Check the deets on this flyer...

Need directions to Suburban Bar? seriously? Check out their website here

If thats not enough, check out the rest of the Jubilee Weekend line up for Suburban...


Open till 1.30am Friday

Open till 2.30am Saturday

Open till 2.30am Sunday (Fancy Dress Vice Party)( Live Music)

£2 shots of Vice caramel, bubblegum, banana-fudge and mint-chocolate vodka all night long.... Served by the vice shot ladies!

Open till 2.30am Monday ( British Rock Night )


... All of their usual promotions will be running;

Happy hour everyday 5pm - 8pm 2 4 1 cocktails

3 house lagers for £10 all night

PharSide bartender special Cocktail £5 all night

Cane trains for £5.50 all night ( double shots)

double klipdrift with mixer £5 all night!

Newly refurbed garden ( sponsered by smirnoff ) open as per usual for the sun lovers!

As always no entry fee's, just get down and get Looooose 😉

Don't forget Jam Night next Thursday aswell!

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