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What to do on Christmas and Boxing Day

There's no reason to be at home bored out of your mind this Christmas and Boxing Day... That is ofcourse thanks to The Slug and The Saracens Rugby Team.

For those of you stuck in London on Christmas Day that want a little bit of excitement since you're away from the family,

The Slug will be open on Christmas Day from 5pm until 12pm with £5 entry which has been hugely popular when the Slug was based in Fulham.... yes thats right, no more sitting at home wanting to have a few wetties with the mates but can't go anywhere because nothing is open... well trust the good ol Slug to be to the rescue!

And as for Boxing Day... If you're keen to catch a bit of Rugby as a Boxing Day with a bit of a difference since you can't enjoy the usual SA Style Boxing Day Cricket


If you want a seriously enjoyable day out with family and friends, enjoy some live entertainment and an exciting game of RUGBY, there's no better place than WEMBLEY STADIUM on Boxing Day - Sunday 26th December.

Saracens would like to offer friends of Pharside 50% discount on tickets for 

the Boxing day rugby match at Wembley between Saracens and Wasps - 26 December.

Fancy snow canons blowing snow over the crowd and Eliza Doolittle performing before the game and at 

half time?

Only  £7.50 for a £15 ticket and £12.50 for a £25 ticket!  Just phone 01727 792 800 and quote “Saffa”.

Great consolation for all the The Pharside regulars  and friends that have to brave the UK 

weather over Christmas! There will be something for everyone, including the return of Gavin Henson 

after his "Strictly Come Dancing" appearance!

There will also be the £250 000 cross bar challenge again and you are welcome to offer this to all 

who want to sit in THE SAFFA block.

I am sure this will be a great day out at the magnificent Wembley stadium for young and old. 

So there... you've got no reason to be bored this weekend if you're a Saffa in London 🙂

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