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Who’s Keen For A FREE Holiday?

I shit you not... Joe Cool's London are giving away FREE holidays to places like Spain and Ibiza!

Now I know you're thinking it sounds a little too good to be true, seriously, its not... there's no catch, no we'll pay the hotel but you've got to get there bullshit... even the competition tickets are given away free... flights, hotel, done...

So what's the deal? Basically Joe Cool's feels sorry for all us London Saffa crowd having to endure the pain of all our mates in South Africa constantly bitching and moaning about how hot it is over in SA, and even going as far as plastering photos all over their profiles of them lying by the pool or chilling on the beach... when all we can do it post pictures of stupid little snow men... Woopy! 

So Joe Cool's came up with a plan to lift the mood and giveaway holidays for two... and they summoned moi to unleash the awesomeness to all of you... why? because you're all so frickin awesome and blerrie well deserve it.... We all know the PharSide crowd is the cool crowd... and just by reading this, you've become one of them... well done 🙂

How it works is quite simple... all you need to do is find me at Joe Cool's this coming Saturday 8th Jan and next Saturday 15th Jan... When you've found me, say in your most desperate voice, "I NEED A FUCKIN HOLIDAY MARKY MARK!!!" I'll then present you with a plastic clip on wristband which will have a number on it... on Saturday 22nd Jan if your number is drawn you win a free holiday... simples!... fuckin awesome! The rules are simple, you must keep your wristband on, unbroken, and you have to be there on the night to collect your prize. More holidays will be given away in the coming weeks so make sure you get your wristband... as they say with the lottery... if you don't get a ticket, you'll never win, and somebody else will be enjoying your holiday for you 🙂 

Now for those of you newbies that have no idea what I look like... I'll be posting a suave portrait of my dapper self on the PharSide FaceBook Page located right here before Saturday... girls you are free to print it as a high quality photo and keep it in your purses, covering the photos of your boyfriends and pets ofcourse haha 🙂

If you've never been to Joe's then seriously, we have you been? but just incase here's some really easy directions 🙂

By Train: District Line to Putney Bridge, come out the station, walk up to the main road where all the buses are coming from (Fulham High Street), turn right, walk passed the robots and on another 100m and its on your left just before the roundabout (trust me you can't miss it)

By Bus: Take the 93 from Wimbledon Station, get off where it terminates at Putney Bridge Station, walk up to the main road where all the buses are coming from before you turned into the station (Fulham High Street), turn right, walk passed the robots and on another 100m and its on your left just before the roundabout (trust me you can't miss it)

Don't ask me to explain how to get back to the station from Joe's because I rarely manage to do this on my own two feet 🙂

Here's a map for those of you who can't read so good 🙂

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