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Wimbledon… THE SLUG has arrived!

After many many years of probably being the most famous and notorious watering hole amongst Saffa's, Aussie and Kiwi's in the whole of London, The Slug in Fulham has now moved... to Wimbledon! YAY! 🙂

As you most probably very well know, The Slug was situated at the Kings Head in Fulham Broadway and this was its home ever since I can remember, but unfortunately for our poor old Slug, he was to become homeless, but that's when us good folk in Wimbledon took him in with open arms (and mouths) and gave him a nice new habitat on Hartfield Rd, literally a 1 minute stumble from Wimbledon Station. Our Slug is very happy now in his new home, not only does his home seem alot bigger but its kitted with some awesome new toys too! 

After The Slug recently opened up in Wimbledon, I popped down to check it out and give it a little inspection of my own. It had a lot to live up to mind you, since back in the day when my body could actually still handle a blinding Friday hangover with ease, myself, Huncle, BreadBoard, The Fellow, Pilotte de Chasse, Homeless and many more to name a few, all used to make that slow trek on the infamous "drag your heels" District Line for some Thursday night debauchery on a ridiculous scale, and without fail, every Thursday was as if it was the first time we'd ever been there, it was boy band crazy! To be quite honest, when I heard The Slug in Fulham was closing I was close to shedding a tear, as this was definitely the end of an era... but as with a lot of things, we don't realise that sometimes these things are little blessings in disguises, because a before long, The Slug popped up literally right on our doorsteps. Not much has changed besides the venue since its still under the management of Greg, who you'll remember from Fulham, so all the awesomeness is still there, yet even better now with the new venue.... and it being in Wimbledon... no more missioning!

As mentioned the venue itself is bigger than Fulham, and now much to my absolute delight, there are 8 (yes I said 8) big screens, 4 upstairs and 4 downstairs along with another 5 plasma screens... in other words, no matter where you are standing or sitting in the venue when the rugby is on, you are going to get a pretty damn good view... even if your name is Marky Mark and you're 5'6" 🙂 The music is the same awesome vibe that has stood the test of time and the crowd generates an unbelievable atmosphere.

As for the drinks, oh dear... brace yourself... Jagerbombs are £1.50 all night, every night... and as for the other drinks, lets just say I haven't seen a "Can of the Best" (Jack and Coke) at a better price anywhere else in Wimbledon, which is already a winner right there!

I was informed by Greg today that the Jagermeister Team paid him a little visit yesterday, to find out just what has happened to all the Jagermeister they supplied... as it turns out, last week 300 bottles of Jagermeister were consumed at The Slug which has earned them the 3rd Biggest Seller of Jagermeister in the UK Award! Howzat! If you were down there on Saturday night for Marky Mark and The Jen's Engagement Party, you'd probably have seen why, cause damn, those Jagerbombs were but flowing BIGTIME! 

Due to the massive success of Saturday night for Marky Mark and The Jen's Engagement Party, with a very special thanks to Greg and the Slug staff for really going all out on their part to make it a success, The Slug has officially become Marky Mark's Recommended Pre-Midnight Jol! 🙂 The amount of excellent comments I've heard since then have been insane, The Slug is definately the way forward!

Try these drinks specials on for size... best you get down there tonight!

Thursday nights @ Slug
Welcome to our world famous Thursday night session. We have the biggest Thursday night party in London !!
Dj G plays all the best rock, pop, dance and indie anthems.
Loads of drink specials during the night including £1.50 snakebites, £6.00 jugs, £1 shots and £1.50 Jagerbombs!!
Be early !!! Open till midnight.

Friday nights @ Slug
Dj Zulu continues the party playing all the latest and classic dance tracks with some cheese thrown in.
Loads of drink specials during the night including £1.75 Savanna, Castle Lager, Tooheys New and Tooheys Dry.
Open till midnight.

Saturday nights @ Slug
Dj G plays all the best rock, pop, dance and indie anthems.
Loads of drink specials including £1.50 snakebites @ selected times during the night, £6.00 jugs and £1 shots.
One BIG party !! Open till midnight.

Sunday nights @ Slug
Go Ape Sunday Session! All drinks £1.50 from 5pm.
Bring a banana and get a free shot of Corkeys!
Dj MC playing all the best rock, pop dance and indie anthems.
Open till midnight.

Catch me and the boys down there this Saturday for live Super 14 Rugby Semi Finals and Gez's Birthday Bash!

Get ready for another wild one! EISH!

Check out The Slug's Website Here for more info

Join The Slug's FaceBook Page here

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