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Wimbledon Walkabout is Closing Down…

Yes, unfortunately you did read that correctly... It's been a sad week, on Tuesday word broke out that one of Wimbledon's most iconic pubs is to shut its doors indefinitely on Tuesday 22nd June 2010.

The Wimbledon Walkie opened its doors to the masses in March 2003, I know this because I was there, geeez its been a while hey. It instantly became Wimbledon's finest expat stronghold and has upheld this title all the way through the years. Every South African, Aussie and Kiwi living in the area or just passing through has set foot through those doors, sometimes both feet airborne on the way out 🙂

Over the years it has hosted the maddest booze fuelled parties South West London has grown to absolutely love and cause some uptight local residents to absolutely seeth with hatred. The Walkie has had an endless supply of complaints but has always managed to stand up firm and somehow stay open.

So, how do I even begin to start the list of awesome memories that those walls hold... as the saying goes, those walls can sure as hell tell some stories. I do remember one occasion back in 2005 which I'm sure Tinie should remember quite well too 🙂 where I landed up getting a head butt from hell, bursting my forehead open and landing up entertaining the nurses for the rest of the night down at St. Georges A&E, with my massive gash that required 11 stitches when I finally got seen to... I kinda resembled a sort of frickin Frankenstein, but thankfully the scar healed nicely and barely visible anymore. As with many a person, my boxers also became a permanent fixture up in the ceiling somewhere amongst all the cables, and, not to forget the infamous Snake Bite Sundays... here's true story, I went to a job interview the morning after a massive Snake Bite Sunday and would you believe it, I got the frickin job... My mind is starting to do kart wheels now as the multitudes of memories start flooding in. To say the least, I think each and every one of us can tell many a tale about a night or full day and night down at the Walkie... Lets not forget that the Wimbledon Walkie once held the World Record for JagerBomb Dominoes. Many staff members have come and gone of the years some for a short stay and others for a lot longer, etching their names into and providing the personality for the character that was The Wimbledon Walkie, people like Archie, Party Boy, Larry, Emma (Lucifer if you've ever glanced at the screen on the till when she serves you 🙂 ), Chloe, TJ, Tinie, Sledgy, BJ, Gabby, Craig, Chef Sam, the list goes on (sorry if I've left anyone out) but these are the people that made the Walkie what it was, here's to all you guys and girls, what you created was awesomeness!

Check the video from the World Record JagerBomb Dominoes!

Unfortunately I've not had a chance to speak to Emma and find out what the whole deal is (Emma if you read this, maybe mention it in the comments if you can) as its come about pretty suddenly and has quite literally sent shockwaves through the Wimbledon social scene but I guess thats the way it is, however... this doesn't stop the Walkie from going out with the biggest bang Wimbledon has ever seen... so prepare yourselves for one MASSIVE weekend of Walkie madness. You'll definitely see my hedgehog spikes cruising through the crowd there tonight and then on Sunday night because..... now hear this... I'm still waiting for confirmation if it has succeeded, but today Jovan launched a campaign to raise money for a plane ticket to bring Party Boy back to the Walkie all the way from Cape Town, to do what he does best just one last time, I'm sure his name gives it away. I few of us have sponsored a few pounds towards his ticket so hopefully enough was raised because it just won't be a full on farewell if he isn't there. 

Here's a little Party Boy Teazer.... 

So guys, get your butts down to the Walkie this weekend and bid farewell to a bit of history... I can't say I won't shed a tear when I walk out for the last time. 

Farewell Wimbledon Walkie, You've really been a part of all our lives over the years, many memories that will never be forgotten even if we tried our best to forget some of them. All the best! 




I think we'd all be interested to hear all your stories, so get cracking with the comments, tell us of your most memorable (or not so memorable) experience you had at the Walkie

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