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Your “Bank Holiday” Weekend Instructions

Right gang! It’s Friday and what is that we see... one times Bank Holiday Weekend! You know what that means... Sunday Bank Holiday Parties!

Eish! Looks like a big weekend coming up... so best you come alive and bring your A game!... it's gonna be SHISA!!! 🙂


Get your PharSide Cocktails at Suburban in Wimbledon... Since we first started doing these, they’ve been a massive hit with the dolls! So if you haven’t had one yet, best you give it a little lick ?

Is Friday night ever a small night at The Slug in Wimbledon? Bank holiday weekend means it’s even gonna be a bigger! The Bull awaits you!

Big night at Number 4 in Putney Bridge... Mark Stent and DJ Small Paul smashing the decks tonight... Need I say more?


ZIMFest Official After-Party at Number 4 in Putney Bridge... If last year was anything to go by... Eish! This is gonna be a jol!


Strangely enough the biggest night of the weekend with so many parties to choose from it’s ridiculous!!!

HUGE one at The Slug.. why? Because drinks are £1.75 All the way through until 2am, that’s why! ? No “I’m broke till pay day” nonsense!

In case you’re wondering why the weather is crap, it’s because Suburban in Wimbledon stole the summer for their Beach Party on Sunday night! 2 for 1 Cocktails and also open until 2am!!!

If you’ve been jolling it up at SW4 and looking for one of the hottest SW4 After-Parties, then step right this way because Dirty Dubbin are going to be keeping up the pace at Artesian Well in Clapham... literally just down the road! Shisa!!!

I think thats just about as good a serving suggestion that you can handle... so go forth... and enjoy!

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