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Your Weekend Instructions

Well well well... it's Friday afternoon, you're slouched across your desk itching to the leave the office... but what to do this weekend in London?

He's a tasty little menu to make sure its not the slightest bit boring 🙂


Get on down to Suburban in Wimbledon tonight because there's something quite awesome going on there right now... PharSide Cocktails for a fiver!!!!

Thats right! Girls you are going to luuuurrrrrvvvv this one! The PharSide cocktail of the month is otherwise known as a Banana and Blueberry Muffin 🙂

Amarula, Banana Liquer, Blueberry Vodka with mixed milk and cream! YUM!

So pull in, walk up to the bar, do a swish with your hair, batter an eyelid, gaze into the barman's eyes, put your index finger on your lips, tilt your head to the side and move your finger down slightly... then whisper the words... "PharSide Cocktail please" 🙂 

Take a stroll down to Bar Sia in Wimbledon after that for "I Got Funked" which features the return of Justin Haywood! 
There's also something new at Bar Sia which I'm sure will excite your taste buds to the max... It's called, Green Mamba!
Imported direct from South Africa, premium Cane and Creme Soda ready mixed in a bottle for just 3 bucks! EISH! and take it from me, it tastes SO good! It's got a nice little bite too! So make sure you get your hands on one!


Tomorrow is another action packed day of rugby at The Slug in Wimbledon! So get ready for another awesome jol!

Later that night make sure you get down to Number 4 Club in Putney Bridge for some pumping tunes featuring Divina.
I was down there last Saturday and what a frickin awesome night, I suggest you get down there and get a taste of it this Saturday with this awesome new spot!

That should get you NO EXCUSE to have a quiet weekend! 

So go forth and make it count!

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