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Your Weekend Instructions

The weekend is upon us yet again and this is what's going down so you've got no excuse to have boring weekend!


Suburban Bar in Wimbledon is going to be rocking as per blerrie usual which is one of my usual haunts on a Friday night thanks to their unbeatable vibe, awesome tunes and super friendly highly efficient bar staff, it's definitely the place you want to poke your head into tonight for a good jol!


It's a full action packed day of rugby at The Slug in Wimbledon, hands down the best South African Action Bar in the UK and quite possibly this side of the equator. I present to you this Saturdays menu…


New Zealand v South Africa @ 8 am

Sharks v Cheetahs @ 2 pm

Province v Bulls @ 4 pm

They'll be serving breakfast and dops from 7:30am… yes, dops at 7:30am… EISH!

If you want to book yourself a table, swing an email to my boi Greg at gregcrammond@mac.com and tjoon him you want one.

Then later that evening there's a big jol going on over at Number 4 Club near Putney Bridge, I'm gonna be there later that evening with a huge crowd celebrating a mates birthday, so pull in for a wicked night as its bound to be an awesome one. They're also running a robot party that night, check out the details on the Number 4 link above.

So there you have it, a full set of weekend activities to help you forget the shitty week you may have had! GO BIG!

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