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Allister Coetzee

Allister Coetzee No Longer Running For Bok Coach

Allister Coetzee is reportedly out of the running to take up the position of new Springbok Rugby Coach. ...

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Jake White

Jake White On South African Rugby And Being Bok Coach Again

Darren Scott has a chat to Jake White over in the South of France about his current role ...

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Chelsea Fans

These Chelsea Fans Seem Like A Lovely Bunch [Video]

Warning: punching (violence)  A video has emerged that is believed to be footage taken around the Champions League ...

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WATCH: Massive Rugby Brawl In French 3rd Division

USRP vs RCAV This crazy fight took place in France last weekend. Following a little push at a ...

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Braai Sushi By Braaiboy [video]

WARNING: DO NOT WATCH THIS ON AN EMPTY STOMACH Braaiboy takes you through the necessary steps making a top ...

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Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Bread Bowl

Quick Recipe: Grilled Cheese And Tomato Soup Bread Bowl

How to make a quick and easy grilled cheese and tomato soup bread bowl… LIKE A BOSS! What ...

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Suzelle DIY makes Christmas Crackers

How to Make Your Own Christmas Crackers [watch]

Super Suzelle from Suzelle DIY shows you a very simple way to make some pretty awesome Christmas Crackers. Christmas is ...

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Enter Durban Video

Enter Durban [video]

Enter Durban – Kierran Allen from Novos Digital Cinema punches us full on in the face once again with this ...

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British Helicopter Pilot Shot Down by Elephant Poachers

Roger Gower, a British helicopter pilot has been shot down and killed by elephant poachers in Tanzania whilst ...

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Opal The Orangutan - Opal's Tragedy

Opal’s Tragedy – This South African Circus Orangutan Needs Your Help

The Kloof and Highway SPCA released a media statement yesterday urging support for the rescue of a 36-year-old ...

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White Rhino Horn

South Africa Lifts Ban On Rhino Horn Trade

BREAKING NEWS: A South African court has ruled that from today the 2009 ban on Rhino horn has ...

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A Puppy On The Brink Of Death Gets Thrown A Lifeline in KZN

A mange covered and extremely malnourished puppy was saved from a dismal death by a legendary couple who ...

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Democratic Alliance Release Goosebump Inducing Video from #DAForJobs March

The Democratic Alliance have released the video from the #DAForJobs march last week… this will give you goosebumps! ...

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Rendier: Dear Penny Sparrow [Must Watch]

In his first video of 2016, Rendier gives us the short, plain and simple on the current Penny ...

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ZAR WARS – The Republic Awakens [video]

With the release of Star Wars – The Force Awakens (which is absolutely flipping brilliant btw) last week, ...

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Rendier: #ZumaWillFall [Watch]

#ZumaWillFall – Rendier Gouws gives us his thoughts by giving us a nice simplified view, which focuses on Jacob ...

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Zuma Must Fall Song

Zuma Must Fall Song is Actually Really Good…and Catchy

ZUMA MUST FALL – A song performed by Don Clarke & Special Care is nothing like you probably ...

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Die Antwoord

People Are Getting Pictures Of Die Antwoord Tattooed Onto Themselves [pics]

Yes, you read that correctly… People are actually pictures of Ninja and Yo-landi Vi$$er from Die Antwoord tattooed ...

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Jack Parow and Freshlyground Army Of One video

Jack Parow and Freshlyground deliver their love child…Army Of One [Video]

Jack Parow and Freshlyground have just dropped their collaborative epicness upon us…and I won’t lie, its pretty damn ...

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The Zoolander 2 Trailer Is “Ridiculously Good Looking” [WATCH]

The trailer for Zoolander 2 dropped today, it’s all sorts ridiculously good looking magical Blue Steels and Magnums ...

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Trevor Noah – Springbok Bafana

Trevor compares South Africa’s national rugby and soccer teams. BUY “IT’S MY CULTURE” NOW:  

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Pablo Francisco – Ecstacy At A Techno Club

Pablo does a little too much E one night… Buy “OUCH!” – 

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Barry Hilton – Dad Burns Dagga

From “Afri-Cousin” LIVE at Emperors Palace Subscribe to Barry’s Youtube Channel

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Barry Hilton – Five South Africans

Barry Hilton 5 South Africans Clip from Classifieds Subscribe to Barry’s Youtube Channel

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WATCH: X5 Takes On Polo…X5 Tastes Instant Defeat

hahaha this is hilarious… a BMW X5 driver gets the moerin with a VW Polo on the N2 ...

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Hit in the face by a fish

WATCH: Girl Hit In The Face By A Fish Whilst Filming Video

Watch how this girl gets hit in the face by a fish whilst filming video for her travel ...

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Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 04.16.53

WATCH: Black Rhino Attacks Bakkie

Black Rhino spots Bakkie… Black Rhino doesn’t schmaak bakkie… EISH!

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Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 04.06.31

WATCH: Worker Of The Week… Wait For It

Meanwhile in Russia….This oke gets worker of the week…hahaa   

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