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The ANC Officially Backs Zuma…Therefore With #ZumaMustFall #ANCMustFall

ANC National Working Committee (NWC) says that Zuma showed leadership during press conference confirming they will not recall Zuma on ongoing #ZumaMustFall saga... oh well, #ANCMustFall

The ANC held a National Working Committee Press Conference consisting of Provincial Chairs, League Chairs and National Leaders to discuss at Luthuli House in Johannesburg, "matters relating to the appointment of the minister of finance by Comrade Jacob Zuma" as they put it.In case you've done an Ed Sheeran and quit social media as well as stayed away from all forms of media in the last week, you would have seen that the ill decisions and seemingly board game of Monopoly that Jacob Zuma has been playing with South Africa as a country, you would have noticed that the Rand is worth a lot less... as in £23 to the £ kind of less.Following an almost hour long stand up of committee members to speak offer their allegiance to keeping their paychecks.... see below, if you really want to.The ANC's Jessie Duarte said the party backed "the president's willingness to change an earlier deployment". This had "demonstrated leadership" and that the party had been consulted about the decisions. "Were we consulted about the removal Nhlanhla Nene? Yes we were. Were we consulted about the appointment of Des Van Rooyen? Yes‚ we were."Duarte said the party backed Pravin Gordhan when he said that he would not reverse decisions taken. Decisions taken by Nene "remain in force" which basically means there will be no reversal of Nene's decision to oppose a restructuring of aircraft purchases proposed by SAA board chairperson‚ Dudu Myeni..... I guess we'll just have to wait and see shall we? I suppose we can only hope.The bottom line however is that since the ANC have now officially formed an orderly queue behind President Useless, it would only suggest that the campaign #ZumaMustFall should now also fully extend to #ANCMustFall.The Change.org petition calling for Zuma to step down has reached 169,152 supporters.If anything, today's comments by the ANC will most certainly fuel more motivation for people to attend the Anti-Zuma marches in Pretoria and Cape Town tomorrow.Details for the marches are as follows:

Check how mad the #ZumaMustFall Hashtag is still going

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