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Bokamoso: Time to liberate ourselves

#BOKAMOSO: Time To Liberate Ourselves From Zuma’s Festering ANC

This week Mmusi Maimane talks some very interesting yet simple plain sense about how former liberation movements such as the ANC, abandon their ideals and what happens from there...

The time has come for South Africans to put our country first and liberate ourselves from Zuma’s festering and seemingly spineless ANC. History in Africa shows that first we must be liberated, and then we must be liberated from the liberators. Eight years after becoming President of ANC, Jacob Zuma now presides over broken ANC showing all the tell tale signs of a political party in the last phase of its life as a liberation movement in tatters. A party bringing anything but joy and vibrant freedom for the people of South Africa. While the ANC is the party of the past, the DA are very much the party of the future, the new champ of a fully inclusive, non-racial democratic South Africa.... READ MOREThis is Bokamoso, a very short weekly message from DA Leader Mmusi Maimane. You are invited to please discuss your thoughts below in the comments or message Mmusi directly via his various social media accounts displayed at the end of each video.Please share and spread the word...the future of our country literally depends on it, you can play a very valuable part by simply spreading the word.
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