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Dear “F*ck White People” Movement [video]

WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE - Renaldo Gouws gives his constructive and thought-provoking response to the F*ck White People Movement...you need to see this...

When it comes to common sense in politics and racial discussions, there's one name that is normally synonymous or at least in very close proximity, and that is none other than our main man Renaldo Gouws.Last week you may have spotted reports in the media and of some bellend on the Wits Campus wearing a T-shirt with "F*ck White People" written on it... seems like a rather friendly intelligent chap don't you think?Anyway, whilst other media outlets seem to be throwing nothing but petrol onto an already raging fire that is racism in South Africa by merely reporting as much as they can on it, which clearly does nothing but cause further outrage... people like Renaldo Gouws and ourselves, of course, look towards a more thought provoking constructive solution when it comes to these things to help bring more understanding which will hopefully in some way, help to prevent similar issues from arising.Take a look at the video which has already started to gain massive momentum on social media platforms.

Please share the video, and let's help put an end to all this bullsh*t... I'm sure everyone is more than tired of it.

Nice work Renaldo!

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