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Jacob Zuma Laughs Through Question Session,As Usual, Hides Behind Madam Speaker

Jacob Zuma dodges the opportunity to publically denounce the purchase of a new luxury presidential jumbo jet for his own personal use at a cost of up to R4 billion. Instead the clown laughed his way through his Q&A sesh while millions of South Africans suffer from the corruption and mismanagement his seemingly circus of a government... Check this out

Last week Mmusi Maimane requested that President Zuma makes an executive statement in rejection of the "Pimp My Ride" private jet in Parliament today before his oral Q&A Sesh. The President neither so much as acknowledged this request let alone responded to Mr. Maimane's letter at all.When pressed for an answer the Speaker of the National Assembly, Baleka Mbete, shielded the President (as usual) and allowed him to duck and weave accountability in his usual class clown kind of way.This is another example of how the Speaker’s pro-ANC bias has compromised the integrity of parliament, and further illustrates how the ANC makes protecting the President from criticism, more of a priority than the legitimacy of our entire democracy.These actions echo President Zuma’s statement earlier this week about the greater importance of the ANC over the rest of the country. It's pretty flippen clear that his own priorities come waaaaaaaay before those of ordinary South Africans, ie. seemingly to him... the peasants.There is simply no justification for the country to corker for a kitted out luxury aircraft with all the bells and whistles for the bellend like that, while South Africa is facing a drought that may require taxpayers to import over R3 billion worth of grain, not to mention higher education remains crossly underfunded.Today once again shows that JZ only has his own interests at heart (it's doubtful he actually has one tbh) The time to vote out an uncaring ANC in favour of a DA government that puts the needs of citizens FIRST is ridiculously long overdue.What a knob...[Source: DA]

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