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Jacob Zuma Really Is A Complete Financial Drain On South Africa…And Now Its A Fact

Alec Hogg of Biznews.com recently discovered some very interesting facts about the financial strain that Jacob Zuma imposes on the South African economy... it's no longer just opinion, Jacob Zuma officially is, the highest paid, worst value for money president on the planet... which also means in the Universe as we know it... and here's why...

Alec Hogg from Biznews.com is no doubt a bit of a bright spark. Whilst he was surfing the net a couple of days ago, he stumbled upon a post from international news agency CNN, that showed a nice little list of the salaries of 12 most highest paid world leaders. I'm sure you may remember seeing it a little while ago, as I certainly do...JZ pulls up in a 4th place sandwiched nice and snuggly between UK Prime Minister, David Cameron and German Chancellor, Angela Merkel with his (at the time of print equivalent) of USD$223 500 per annum...seems legit... but is that really how things should simply be viewed?...well obviously not, come now...This is where Alec's brightsparkness shifted a gear and kicked things up a notch.In Alec's own words
But comparing nominal numbers can be like listing the earnings of someone running a branch office against those of his group’s CEO. A better reflection of taxpayer value is derived by comparing the leader’s salary with the size of the economy they run – how many dollars each President is paid for every $1bn of their nation’s Gross Domestic Product.
Now that clearly makes a hellova lot more sense really, surprisingly CNN didn't go down that road since they were halfway there already... I'm thinking a deadline had to be met (oh maybe they just didn't wanna rock the boat too much knowing what they'd find) because if only they'd just taken a few more mins on the subject, they would have no doubt discovered the following very interesting figures that our china bean Alec, so nicely put together for us...

Graphic: Biznews.com - Alec Hogg

As you can see, the best bang for your buck of those leaders is, Xi Jinping (China), who gets a mere USD$2.12 a year for each USD$1bn of China’s entire GDP. So just incase you don't fully understand the concept yet, basically the poor oke would barely get himself a $2 hooker and have change for a loose with his entire year's salary if China's GDP was $1bn. The United States Prez, Barack Obama is good value for money at a nice affordable price of just USD$23.06. Just a mere two of the leaders are paid over $100 a year for each $1bn in GDP, and you know Jacob must be one of them, well obs... The other is (Now Ex) Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper at USD$145.66 and then there’s Jacob Zuma whose pay is a staggering USD$638.15  a year for each $1bn of the SA economy (I prefixed with USD just in case you thought it was Zim dollars ha!:) ). And with obviously no surprise whatsoever that does exclude the add-ons like pocket-money for his four wives and "home improvements".On a like-for-like basis, our delightful, Mr. "Useless At The Helm", Jacob Zuma costs South African taxpayers 27X more than what Americans pay for Barack Obama; 9x more than Merkel; and a monstrous 319x, yes, three hundred and nineteen times more than Xi’s paycheck by Chinese taxpayers. Granted, it wouldn’t look so bad if the country he was ruining (spelling mistake intended) wasn’t also one of the worst performing... nuff said.Jacob...you are the weakest link... good-bye!... gosh if only it was that easy... meh.They only words that are being echoed right now are the Honourable Mmusi Maimane's words..."Broken man presiding over a broken society"In closing, here's a great message from a Biznews.com community member, Michael Tatalias left for Alec Hogg on the site which may show some light on this dog show...
I rather like your $/GDP ratio. As a South African in Canada – please do note that Stephen Harper has just been comprehensively voted out by Justin Trudeau and the Liberals.
Which shows that Canada has the ability to get rid of problem leaders (eventually – Stephen has been in the saddle for 3 terms…) and is thus a proper democracy – not as easy a job for SA to reboot the presidency…
[Source: Biznews.com]

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