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Rendier: #ZumaWillFall [Watch]

#ZumaWillFall - Rendier Gouws gives us his thoughts by giving us a nice simplified view, which focuses on Jacob Zuma and what has occurred over the last 7 days since he fired the finance minister, in under 5 minutes

Rendier has been around for many years as an outspoken Political activist, and these days he continues his great work at explaining exactly what is going on in a very concise and simple way that just about anybody with a bit of common sense can understand, and at the same time telling us exactly what he thinks of the current topic. If you've never heard of him before you're certainly not going to forget him as you're probably going to be seeing him a lot more often right here on PharSide as he posts videos weekly since as you can imagine, South African politics is pretty fast moving... after all, we did have 3 Finance Ministers in only 4 days... 🙂So if you're not quite sure of exactly what's been going on, or need to fill in a few gaps, now is your chance to get yourself fully up to speed and well informed in under 5 minutesFollow Rendier Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/R3NDI3R Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/rendiergouws Twitter : https://twitter.com/RenaldoGouws Instagram : https://instagram.com/renaldogouws[Source: Youtube]

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