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South African Parliament Approves The Secrecy Bill – Have Your Say

22 November 2011 marks Black Tuesday in South Africa where the government approved the Protection Of Corruption Information Bill, have your say!

A day which has come to be known as Black Tuesday in South Africa, where members of parliament voted on the Protection of Information Bill. A total of 259 yes votes were received, with 41 no votes and 32 abstentions means that the bill has been approved. In case you not up to speed with the whole thing that I told you about some time ago, The protection of information bill allows the government to apply for classification of information that is "valuable" to the state, and criminalises the possession and distribution of state secrets. In other words, if they don't want you to know then they can legally with hold it. So you know all the corruption stories you hear about, ja those will slip under the radar and nobody will be allowed to expose it. If you thought corruption was rife now, well, the okes are gonna have a field day now since they can get away with it bigtime now. Ja easy, because this will be in place to protect them. Furthermore, exposing classified information such as in the media, carries hefty prison sentences up to 25 years, so journalists especially are going to have their hands tied so to speak.

Ja, brings back a few memories of apartheid doesn't it...

Almost 14 years ago to the day, on 19 November 1997, Nelson Mandela said, "Press freedom will never be under threat as long as ANC is majority party."  The ANC or as they so call themselves since they clearly do not follow the ideals of Madiba, should hang their heads in shame, Madiba must be disappointed, it's clear that the ANC are no longer the fighters of freedom, but have become the government which their fathers so fought against... It seems ANC no longer stands for African National Congress, but Apartheid Negligence and Corruption.

Massive protests have taken place in South Africa today and if social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are anything to go by, people are not the slightest bit happy.

But what do you think? Tjoon a comment below the Twitter Feed...

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