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The Full “Know Your DA” Video Is A Must See… Watch It Now [video]

The "Know Your DA" Campaign was launched just over a month ago and gathering a lot of steam, two days ago, a full video telling the story of remarkable people who fought against apartheid which has resulted in the DA today... a very interesting and enlightening watch... you definitely have to see this...

You may think you know how the Democratic Alliance in South Africa was founded and what helped it form into what we know is the DA today, but I guarantee you there'll be some enlightening moments in this video that will make you think wow, I didn't know that... so do yourself a favour, and have a little look at this video... The DA have produced a massive campaign to educate South Africans in what the DA stands for and its ideals, in what appears to obviously be a massive drive to the upcoming elections next year in 2014.Since the start of the campaign it is said that 800 000 pamphlets have been distributed, 300 000 people have been visited in their homes, and 30 000 copies of the above video in 9 different languages are being distributed  across the country.DA Leader, Helen Zille said in a recent press release...
For too long we have allowed our political opponents to define us. To counter this deception we must reclaim our history. We must ensure that we never lose sight of the golden thread that connects our past, present and future: the fight against apartheid and its legacy of poverty, unemployment and inequality.
Naturally the ANC are a little flustered by it, understandably, I mean, wouldn't you be after someone steals your thunder, even though it wasn't entirely yours in the first place like you make it out to be...Do the right thing and share....It's very noticeable that the DA is growing from strength to strength, following the shambolic mockery that is the current ANC these days... even Archbishop Desmond Tutu stated that he wouldn't vote for them anymore... ouch! 🙂[source: 2OceansVibe,DA]

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