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Why You Should Never Say Never Without Touching Wood [Video]

Regardless if you're superstitious or not, you'll most likely find this little clip of Julius Malema in his more, how could we say...not so lekker Julius Malema days...ie. his ANC Youth League days

I guess he didn't touch wood when he said..."My blood is Black, Green and Gold" ...cause now its changed to red."I will never form a political party" ...cause then he started the EFF."Neither will I take a post that seeks to oppose the African National Congress" ...but that is what the EFF does."I will never do that"... but then he did"I will die ANC"...well he hasn't died yet but something tells me he'll be buried with a dashing red beret when that time inevitably comes.... but who knows... if Julius Malema can denounce himself as a member of the ANC, then Julius Malema can someday be a member of the Democratic Alliance... yoh imagine that... you can't deny.... it's unlikely but it is possible 🙂Just goes to show, times change, people change, your enemies of yesterday are your friends of today and your friends of yesterday are your enemies of today, and so it goes, but whilst many still don't like him, because let's be fair, just when you think he's getting a whole lot better, he goes does something to bring his general public perception graph down again, but IMO, the Julius Malema of today is a damn side better than the Julius Malema from yesterday (ie. his ANC Youth League days) who knows what type of person he'll be in another 10 years time, many may have a completely different perception of him ... I guess we'll have to wait and see cause I don't think Juju is going anywhere for the time being.Yoh but I lagged when, the man, the legend, Mr. "DA Point of Order" John Steenhuisen referred to the EFF being teletubbies the other day... obviously because of their red overalls... Yoh but the okes were miffed hey..  although typically some didn't see it that way and hurled racial abuse... no surprise really... I guess when you have nothing of substance to throw back, or just have a laugh at your own expense, seeing it for what it is... just pull the race card... simples 🙂So for anybody who couldn't picture the similarities in their mind... here's a little illustration 🙂TeletubbyJuluisSo Julius, I'll say it again, don't be kak, be lekker my bru 🙂

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