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#ZumaMustFall Petition

#ZumaMustFall Petition Is Full Steam Ahead Right Now

The #ZumaMustFall Petition on Change.org to force Jacob Zuma to step down has gained some serious momentum, it's become a little monster over the last few hours....If you haven't signed it yet, you might want to do so now.

Just yesterday, following the epic fail move by Jacob Zuma firing Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene, a petition was set up on Change.org petitioning the Titanium lady herself, Thuli Madonsela to force Zuma to step down. No doubt if you're South African your Facebook and Twitter News Feed has inundated with articles and debate over Mr. Useless, also known as the President Of South Africa, over last couple days, and the without a doubt the general consensus is by far, a very very negative one.The people of South Africa have quite honestly seem to have just about had an absolute-nough of the guy and if the rate at which this petition is growing, literally 1000's within minutes, it would basically confirm those thoughts.Its really nothing new, but this a great way for South Africa to more officially stand together in solidarity and say in one very strong voice (for lack of a better word)... VOETSEK!So do yourself a favour and head over there right now and sign it... don't harp on about it, don't moan about it, just do it, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain... you wouldn't have done much else with the 10 seconds it takes to sign it but probably moan about the bugger anyway. Can you imagine what political pressure and news it would generate worldwide if say, over a million people sign the petition? HAIBO!


At the time of writing the petition has racked up over 65 000 signatures..... the people are beginning to revolt and its great to see people of ALL walks of life coming together on this one and making a stand, a great moment in South Africa's vibrant history.Could this be the start of a little revolution for South Africa? So hou op moan... and sign...then continue to moan at will 🙂Oh, and by the way, the Rand has hit R24 to the Pound and it's pretty much in a free fall at the moment... it doesn't look goodThe petition was started by Brent Lindeque who you'll remember was the guy who derailed the #Neknomination trend and started #RAKnomination with this video in January 2014..... Nice one Brent! 🙂To get the full yet simple story behind the whole Zuma/Nene saga, check out this awesome video by Rendier Gouws below,


Check how mad the #ZumaMustFall Hashtag is going


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