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iPhone 6s
iPhone 6s

iPhone Trick: Instantly Increase Memory Performance

Here's a little trick if your iPhone is running dog slow because it's got numerous background apps chomping up memory (RAM), and so quick and easy... literally takes a couple seconds to do.

Unfortunately, previously Apple iPads and iPhones didn't come with a "close all running apps" function like you have with Android devices. So, for the most part, many iOS users, non-tech savvy users, in particular, continue to use their devices without ever closing all their apps freeing up memory. The problem is that the more apps using up chunks of memory in the background just like any computer will eventually slow down or not run at its optimal speed. So it is good to do a little bit of housekeeping every now and again to get the best performance out of your iPhone or iPad.Now there's is a very simple trick that was recently discovered which gives iOS users that exact functionality, which only takes a few seconds to do which forces iOS to free up quite a load of memory (checked this out myself, see screenshots below)Here's how to do it in two simple steps:
  1. Hold your power button down
2 . When the "slide to power off" message appears, hold down your Home Button until your home screen re-appearsiPhone1iphone2     That's it, job doneCheck these screenshots I took (via a free app called "Memory and Disk Scanner Pro") before and after the process. It shows a very noticeable difference in free memory.Be schweet and let your less tech savvy mates know about it....IMG_2176 IMG_2177 

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