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Is Facebook Video Autoplay Killing Your Data Plan?

Here's how you can simply turn off the (annoying) Facebook Video auto-playing function that is killing everyone's mobile data plans, causing unnecessary data costs and surprises on your bill...

So some time ago you would have noticed that Facebook videos on the Facebook mobile apps start playing automatically as you scroll through your news feed, with the video volume muted thankfully...what may have not occurred to you yet, is that causes the video to start downloading even if you aren't interested in watching it which is chomping up your data allowance if your mobile data plan is limited which in turn, will incur extra costs when you go over your limit every month.Recently there were a lot of complaints on the website MoneySavingExpert.com where people were complaining about unnecessary extra costs for high data usage which they found was caused by Facebook auto playing videos in your news feed... funny enough this really became apparent recently with the onslaught of the super viral ALS/MND Ice Bucket Challenge campaign since every person and his aunty were uploading videos of themselves getting doused with buckets of ice water, which obviously caused a lot of videos to start downloading automatically...So... how do you turn of this auto playing function and help save your data plan from reaching its limit... well its actually really easy...Instructions on how to turn off Facebook Video Autoplay function:Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad) – Go to the Settings app > Facebook > Settings > Auto-play > set to “Wi-fi only” or “Off”Android (Samsung Galaxy S4/S5, HTC One etc) – In Facebook App, Go to Help and Settings > App Settings > General Settings > set Video Auto-play to “Wi-fi only” or “Off”On a desktop or laptop using your internet browser (Chrome,Firefox,Internet Explorer (really?)) - Go to Settings using the drop down menu > click Videos > Click on the drop-down menu next to “Auto-Play Videos” and select Off.Well I hope that helps, personally I have a unlimited data allowance (with 3) but find the Facebook Video autoplay function highly annoying, so disabled mine for those reasons anyways... don't forget to share this post with the rest of your Facebook friends, they'll probably thank you for it...

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