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Most Used Words Quiz

Most Used Words App On Facebook May Be A Nightmare For You

Most Used Words app on Facebook may be a personal information and privacy nightmare for you...have you been caught by it?

We see apps like the "Most Used Words" Facebook quiz app floating around on our newsfeeds all day, every day, because as long as you're not so Facebook savvy auntie in Poffadder and also tannie Marie who schmaaks her Candy Crush stukkend, these pesky nuisance apps are kept alive...albeit thankfully not to the scale that we had years ago with the likes of Vampires, Zombies and Mafia Wars.However a VPN comparison company by the name of Comparitech have recently raised a few alarm bells by reporting that the app (and I'm sure like many) collects your name, your birthdate, hometown, education details, likes, photos including your entire friends list, and it doesn't work at all if you disallow it from collecting any of that data.Reputable Tech news website, Engadget has said that it is very suspicious since the company that manages the quiz vonvon.me, openly states that if login with Facebook, you give it full permission to use all your info...even after you terminate your account!There doesn't appear to be much that can be done for those who have willfully handed their personal info over to the company but there is a very simple way in which you can protect your data going forward....Do Not Take Part In 3rd Party Nonsense Quizzes!So the next time you see one of your numpty mates fall for it, post this article on their wall, or in fact, yourself and all your friends a favour and share this article so we can hopefully eradicate this things via education...and yes that means educating that distant relative instead of having to delete them which will no doubt just cause you alot of admin due to sparking a family feud... 🙂

So this here.... Don't do it! Moenie dit doenie!!! 🙂

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