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WATCH: Carte Blanche Interviews Joost Van Der Westhuizen

MNET's Carte Blanche had the legend that is Derek Watts, interview Joost Van Der Westhuizen which aired on Sunday evening, watch the interview here now... you'll be flipping glad you did...

You may remember recently Joost Van Der Westhuizen was interviewed on Ballz Radio that I posted " href="http://www.pharside.co.uk/everyday-stuff/ballz-radio-interviews-joost-van-der-westhuizen-his-first-media-appearance-in-a-long-time-video/">here, which left many including myself feeling rather emotional.. you'll remember the few words I had for Amor afterwards (which my feelings haven't changed one bit). On Sunday Cartle Blanche got their chance to interview Joost and get a thorough look into how his life has completely changed after being diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease, the support from his friends, his parents and the trouble he has with getting to see his childrenIf you didn't catch the interview on Carte Blanche, now's your chance, this is a must see... watch this right now!Part 1 Part 2I said it before and I'll say it again, WHAT A LEGEND!Following the interview on Carte Blanche social media networks such as Twitter, went absolutely ballistic in support of Joost to the extend that MNET released a statement saying:
"We did not expect such a huge response from our viewers," Ingrid Engelbrecht, spokesperson for M-Net said. "We are thankful that Joost had a chance to share his story in a personal way."
Joost also tweeted (yes he's on Twitter now @9Joost) the following later that evening: Share your thoughts in the comments below, what do you think?[source: channel24]

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