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Comrades Marathon 2012 Winner Bust For Doping

2012 Comrades Marathon winner, South African Ludwick Mamabolo has failed a drug test following his win according to the South African Institute For Drug-Free Sport (SAIDS)...

On the 3rd June 2012, 35 year old Ludwick Mamabolo became the first South African to win the Comrades Marathon in 7 years after coming in 7th in 2011 and 2nd in 2010. However following a routine drug test after the race which includes the top 10 athletes in the men's and women's categories it has been confirmed by SAIDS that Ludwick Mamabolo has tested positive for a banned substance called Methylhexaneamine (don't worry, I couldn't pronounce it off the bat either), the same substance that landed Springbok rugby players Chiliboy Ralepelle and Bjorn Basson in kak in 2010. 

What Methylhexaneamine does is cause the athlete to experience a sense of euphoria, in other words makes him/her feel a bit goofed which also increases energy which in turn can also mask the effects of fatigue, basically fooling yourself into thinking you feel a lot better than you really do... this obviously gives you an upper edge amongst everyone else that is feeling battered and naturally slowing down.

Mamabolo faces anything from a warning to a full two year ban and of course being stripped of his title if found guilty by an independent tribunal. A hearing date will soon be set and Mamabolo will be given the chance to defend himself, aswell as the opportunity to have his B Sample tested, but you've gotta admit, considering the results, it's pretty much as clear as day.

Mamabolo maintains his innocence, however lets look at this realistically, since the Rugby saga with the substance, you'd think that athletes especially in South Africa, would be extra carefull not to accidently take it if it was in some energy drink. I think ignorance will only get you so far with this but as a professional athlete, you'd be very in the know with whats what if your job and livelihood depended on it.

I think its absolute bullshit to be honest, ja he'll get a two year ban and will probably apologise with some big sob story, but Its really a kak for the oke that came 2nd, Bongmusa Mthembu, who will obviously get bumped up to 1st place, but the celebration of the glory is long gone and his sense victory will pretty much feel like a high pressured yet silent fart in the end. Mamabolo has robbed that guy of a moment that he will probably never be able to re-live, unless he goes through the whole thing of running it and winning it again.

I reckon at least a 5 year ban should be imposed, will serve him bloody right and be a good example to anyone else that tries their luck at screwing someone else out of their hard earned glory, it's the Comrades Marathon for shit sake, not some little piss willy fun run.

If found guilty, he'll be the first South African winner to be bust for doping since ol' Charl Mattheus back in 1992... bet he's bleek his name is popping up again 🙂

Bit of a kak one...

What do you reckon?

[Source: News24]

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