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Mark Boucher Eye Injury Bail

SA Wicket Keeper Mark Boucher, Suffers Serious Eye Injury

The Proteas Wicket Keeper Mark Boucher has suffered a serious injury to his left eye after being hit by a bail…

Yesterday during a Pre-Test warm up match here in England against Somerset, South African Wicket Keeper, Mark Boucher suffered a blow to his eye by a bail flying off the stumps after Somerset's Gemaal Hussain was bowled out by leg-spinner Imran Tahir.

The injury itself is extremely severe as Mark has been left with a lacerated sclera (the white part of the eyeball). He was taken to hospital and was undergoing surgery at 6pm yesterday evening which we are currently awaiting updates on his condition. Doctors needed to check whether any damage was done to his retina which is the part of the eye that is used to see, so hopefully that is not the case. 


The South Africa vs England Tests begin on the 19th July, I guess its safe to say that Mark won't be playing, although I'd also say that its really the least of our worries right now as far as Mark's vision is concerned, I just hope he's going to be fine.

Darren Scott from Ballz Radio spoke with Lerato Maleketu, the Proteas' Media Officer to find out what had happened and what was going to happen next.

Here's hoping Mark is going to pull through fine!!

Get well soon Mark!!!

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