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Ballistic B.J. Baldwin Shunts Monster Truck Through Desert At 150mph [video]

Ballistic B.J. Baldwin cruises through the Mojave Desert in a Monster Energy Monster Truck... at, wait for it... 150 flipping mph! With added Nissan Skyline GTR and a few hot birds for good measure...  this is ridiculously awesome!

Right so the Easter weekend is gone, the hangovers still apparent, and we're trying to get into this week that although is a short week, feels like a 6 day week already... well time to shift this week into gear.So there this dude who goes by the name of Ballistic B.J. Baldwin, and B.J. has a serious pair of balls... B.J. also has a Monster Energy branded monster truck with 34 inches of suspension that he appears to like driving around the rather bumpy Mojave Desert near Las Vegas at a whopping 150mph... so they made a little action packed video of the feat...oh and there's a couple hot birds and a Nissan Skyline GTR in it too 🙂Boys, sit down... because this is gonna make you hard for next 6 minutes and 55 secs... no lies!Girls... um... ja... 🙂The only thing that "springs" to mind after that is....well...Ken Block... your move sir 🙂

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