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South Africa… Our Colour Shines Through

World Cup Fever is reaching epic proportions at the moment in South Africa. The atmosphere is reaching a height which none of us has ever seen or experienced ever before and for some of us including myself, can only dream of being there to celebrate such a momentus occasion with our fellow countrymen.

If you've been on FaceBook over the last few days you will know what I mean when I say, there's not been one moment when someone has not updated their status with something about the awesomeness of the World Cup, however there's also not been a moment where just about every Saffa I know that's in London, hasn't updated their status with their feelings of disappointment for not being back home right now. If you were ever going to feel homesick, now is the time...

Now just so that I can be the bugger who makes sure of that... take a look at these unbelievable pics below and tell me that we don't have the brightest, most vibrant and most colourful nation on the face of this planet... I think our flag is pretty much a dead give-away don't you think 🙂

The World Cup starts tomorrow, I'm hoping that each and every South African in London shows their support by wearing something in support of Bafana Bafana who will play the opening game at 3pm UK tomorrow... if you wear a suit, that's no excuse, wear a scarf, I'm going too 🙂

I reckon Wimbledon is gonna be buzzing like a stadium full of Vuvuzela's tomorrow haha 🙂


If you're lucky enough not to be at work when the game is on tomorrow, get down to The Slug in Wimbledon as they've got a big day set out for the opening and the Bafana Bafana game on all 17 big screens in the jol starting at 1pm! They've also kindly asked for you to bring your Vuvuzela's! 🙂

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